Are you looking for various games because you’re so tired of playing the same game every day? Or in case if you’re wondering which are top 5 poker variants, then allow me to introduce to our most popular poker variants mentioned below.

While not every variant of poker listed below is available for playing at land-based sites for poker or every online platform; that’s why it is important for you to check situs Judi online of poker for most of these sites offer exotic and more unique game selection and poker variants!

  1. Omaha Hi

This variant has recently been added to poker variants. You can find this online easily and play it. What differentiates this variant from other variant is that all the players would be dealt out four initial cards.  Also, five community cards would be dealt out in middle of the poker table. Players then would be required to make betting decisions.

There are three variants of the Omaha Hi: Courchevel, Five Card Omaha, and Omaha.

  1. Seven (7) Card Stud

Almost every home game player knows this game. Seven (7) card studs involve five betting rounds, and it’s being played at the eight-handed tables. This is the kind which the players have had mastered for years now. Plenty of poker sites online offer this poker game’s variant.

  1. Hold ‘Em or Texas Hold ‘Em

This is the kind of a variant you would find on every online portal of poker game. All the other variants are somewhat based around this variant. This is the most popular and best-known poker variant of today. Usually, this game is being played at 9 or 6 handed table.

  1. Mixed Tables

Mixed games provide you with the option of playing different games without changing the tables.  Most of the players enjoy playing this poker variant as it has many various rounds of the poker and each of the rounds uses a different variant of poker.

Mixed games include eight-game, HA and HORSE. In the mixed games, game type changes at every six hands.

  1. Omaha Hi/Lo

This is an Omaha Hi variant. Omaha Hi/lo is also known as Omaha 8. It is usually played at the nine or six-handed table. Blinds and betting are same as were in Omaha. When you play Omaha Hi/Lo, there are going to be two players who will be sharing pot at the end of almost every game.

So, go online, take a look at all these variants, and I’m sure you would want to dive just right in! Do let me know how do you like the article and Please leave your feedback or questions in the below mentioned comment box!