Before you take to betting on snooker, you probably should learn something about the game.  If you are thinking it might be a lot like pool, you will be making a mistake. So, for your benefit, some information on rules of snooker and the difference between snooker and pool is information you should know.

Simple game

Snooker is a simple game – 15 red balls, 6 colours, 2 players and only 1 winner, with no chance of a game ending up in a draw.

Simple or complex

But, like most other sports, betting on snooker can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it.   You might just want to bet on which player will win, but most bookmakers will offer you a really large assortment betting markets.  So, before putting you bet down, check out some information on betting for this game.

Online betting

The very best way of betting on snooker is to sign up for online betting.  You will easily be able to find a good selection of places offering a wide range of betting markets, not just the biggest tournaments, but also smaller events all over the world.  Plus, online betting usually gives you the opportunity to bet in-play, which gives you more options as well as more chances to win. Find a guide to the Top 10 Sport Betting Sites and take advantage of some introductory promotions to begin to bet today.


But if you don’t want to bet online, then most high street bookmakers will also offer a good selection of snooker betting markets, especially for those major events.  And you should also watch the action unfold on television, though you’re in-play betting choices will be nowhere near the assortment they would be if you were betting online.


Note that, while weather and playing surfaces may not be a factor in snooker as they are in other sports, the various tournaments do differ in the number of frames in each match.  In events that are smaller, players may play a maximum of 35 frames. Always remember that the longer the game, the less likely there is to be any type of unset.


Cricket is another sport which has continued to grow in popularity and is probably the primary sport next to soccer for people to bet on.   With the advancement of Top 20 events as well as cricket’s rise in popularity international in Southeast and South Pacific countries, along with the reach and scope of the internet, betting on cricket has never been so available.   This information will be brief for beginners wanting to get started in the world of online betting on cricket.

First time

If you are a fan of cricket and haven’t ever place a bet on cricket before, you need to remember not all sites for bookmaking are equal.  There are some sites that might refuse to pay-out your winnings or try to con you in many ways. Your best option for betting on cricket is to look for betting sites that have a proven track record, have been around for at least 10 years, and have major marketing campaigns or sponsorships.  The bigger they are the less likely they can afford to be a place that is just out to con a customer. Additionally, you want to find a site that has the best odds as well as has the types of bets that you want to take.