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Blackjack is a relatively simple game to play but requires expert understanding to master.

Fortunately, online gambling is proving highly lucrative for beginners and somewhat experienced bettors. Meanwhile, true experts and professional gamblers are finding better options and greater profitability when playing online blackjack than at most land-based casinos.

This year alone, bettors will wager some $100 billion at online casinos around the globe, with a significant amount going to individual and live blackjack tables. Industry experts expect the amount wagered in 2018 to approach $164 billion.

Many others will play free games at websites like Many such websites combine fun and info resources for highly skilled players and those looking to play for simple enjoyment. Players can play games and learn more about the top online casinos that support blackjack and other popular casino games for cash.

Blackjack, with its low house odds, comes in many varieties at online casinos, and generally provide better payouts on blackjack than at land-based casinos. A blackjack often pays 2:1 and many times 3:1 at some online casinos. At a land-based casino, it might stay as low as 1:1, which is terrible for most players.

Many online casinos also have better terms when a player wants to surrender a lousy hand. Some also provide cash-back bonuses on accumulated losses. To get that kind of consideration in a land-based casino, a player would have to be a high-roller.

Online casinos do not discern as much between everyday players and wealthy players looking to have a great time. While many professionals and some high-rollers will play at online casinos, most of the deep-pocketed players are looking for a free hotel stay, along with food and entertainment, in exchange for gambling at a particular casino.

Online casinos and gambling websites have no physical casino building and space to manage. Instead, they rely upon volume and reaching more players via the Internet and simple convenience. The volume-based business model makes it possible to support more players, while having virtually none of the expensive overhead and high operating costs of land-based casinos.

That support generally includes lower house odds on many games, including blackjack. Many online casinos lower the house odds by paying out more when a player hits blackjack, giving better terms on a surrender, and offering other incentives to bettors. The idea is to keep them playing and having fun. Some will win, while more likely will lose.

Yet, when playing online, the odds of becoming a winner are better than virtually anyplace. Ultimately, that’s what blackjack players and others who play against the house are looking for — the lowest possible house advantage.

Bettors can find that by playing online and choosing casinos with the best payouts and gambling incentives.