The return on low odds bet is obviously small. But a low value theoretically means greater chances of success, because the higher the probability of an event occurring, the lower the odd offered by the house.

In this text I will talk a little about 3 mistakes when making bets with small return. But what would generally be the value of these quotes? There are three ways to think of low odds:

  • Thought 1: One is that the value of the odd, regardless of whether it is 1.20 or 5.0, is less likely to occur compared to the actual value of the odd.

Note: How to calculate an Odd quantitatively to learn more about it

  • Thought 2: When the total sum is well over 100%. Basically, home odds cover more than 100% of the possibilities, but some cover much more than that. Let’s see:

Calculating the percentage probability:

  • 50% + 60.60% = 110.60%
  • That is, we have more than 100% total.
  • Thought 3 – Simply very low odds.
  • In the text we will focus on examples 2 and 3.

Betting often on low odds

Too many bets seeking small returns are a serious mistake, because the amount of hits will never make up for how much money you have spent. With the 토토사이트 site you can find the perfect deals in every sense.

These many bets can be placed at odds 1.20 or slightly higher, almost reaching 1.90. The hard part here is being profitable in the long run. If you are risking 100 $ 1 bets, you will need to hit at least 67 to make $ 0.50 profit.

Now imagine how many bets you’ll need to hit from a hundred made to be profitable at an odd less than 1.50? Many.

Mistakes in thinking in making accumulated

Many bettors take various random events to set up a jackpot, or mount it by making jackets like over 1.5 goals or under 4.5 goals. The idea is to place a bet to get a good return.

But most of the time this accumulated do not hit. Bettors then get mad at this and think that if they make 6 or more bets with odds of for example 1.20, they have over 80% chance of getting it right (83.33% at odd 1.20, to be exact). What they ignore or don’t know is that they are also increasing their risks. This means that multiple bets with the same odd value (or approximately) are not showing the actual chance of a hit. She who is smaller than you think.

Believe that just because the odd is low, the bet will hit

This is a big mistake for all beginner, intermediate and even above players. It is not because the price is at 1.15 or 1.35 that it is accurate.