One of the leading companies that develop online slots for casinos all over the world. NetEnt has lots of fans and the reputation of a reliable entertainment company. Let’s find out why as well as some other things you should learn about it.

Top 5 facts about NetEnt you’d better find out

It was founded over 2 decades ago. This fact by itself speaks volume. The competition on this market is very high and it wouldn’t work now if the products were anything less than perfect.

What’s more, there are over 1 000 employees that help the company improve on a daily basis. They work hard to sustain the excellent customer support and provide with high-quality software. As a matter of fact, NetEnt’s customer support has brought the company several awards.

In addition, they have many awards in different categories. This means that NetEnt is recognized both nationally and internationally. You can find a complete list of awards and nominations here.

The RTP percentage is very high. As a result, the users have big chances for success. They can win real money using such reliable slots with high RTP.

You can enjoy the online slots and games developed by NetEnt in over 200 casinos all over the world. The developers make everything possible to make the games run smoothly on any device. So if you prefer using a smartphone or a tablet, you won’t feel a big difference compared to the PC versions.