Today, online casinos offer hundreds, if not thousands, of all kinds of slots, where each player is sure to find something that will appeal to him. And along with a lot of modern slot machines on the platforms of the TopCasinosNzo you can find a lot of classic games that have gone down in history and, without exaggeration, have become a symbol of the casino in principle. One of them is the legendary Punto Banco card game, which you can now try your hand at online casinos.

Description and functionality

 Punto Banco familiar even to those who have a remote relation to gambling topics: in this card game played in the great land-based casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic city, behind it we can often see the heroes of favorite Hollywood movies. Now everyone can play Punto Banco without leaving home. It is enough to run slot machines TopCasinosNz online, and you are sure to find this slot among the most popular games of the largest online casino.

 Punto Banco Pro Series slot from the Swedish developer NetEnt exactly repeats the famous game. Recall that in Punto Banco game is for 3 tables to choose from, covered with a classic green cloth with radial markings. The selected table depends, in the first place, the stake and the corresponding potential gains. So, at the Low Roller table, the rate ranges from 1 cent to 10 dollars, Standard – from 1 to 100 dollars, and finally, the high Roller table accepts bets from 10 to 1000 dollars. During the game, you can bet on 3 positions. The first, the most understandable – Punto or Player, meaning bet on a player. In case of winning, it is paid as 1 to 1. You can also bet on the banker, respectively, bet called Banco.

In it, if successful, you pay 5% Commission to the banker. Finally, the most profitable Tie 8 to 1 bet is triggered in case of a draw between the banker and the player. However, a draw in Punto Banco is extremely rare, so with a high probability, you will lose the amount wagered.

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After placing a bet, players are dealt 2 cards each. Wins who first scores a total of 9 or is as close as possible to this value. But without busting, as from 10 or more points there is a subtraction of 10 points and the result of the player will be equal to the sum minus 10 points. For example, if you score 11 points, your final score will be only 1. Consequently, the cards from 2 to 9 in Punto Banco are equal to their face value, ACE gives 1 point, and 10, Jack, Queen, and king – zero points.

However, the same cards can be useful, for example, if you fall 9 and the lady – your final result is a maximum of 9 points and at least a draw is guaranteed to you. When you start the game Punto Banco at gaming club TopCasinosNzo, you should, first, choose a gaming table according to the above-described characteristics. After that, on the selected table, select the place on which player you bet. Having determined the size of the bet and the nominal value of the chips, the DEAL button you start the game. After the cards are dealt, the result is determined immediately.

In very rare cases, when the amount collected from all players is too far from 9, 1 additional card is dealt. After the announcement of the final results, you can continue the game with THE same rates Reset button, or change the settings by clicking NEW BET.