The riskiest approach is to always bet on the outsiders. Winnings are rare, even for experts. A less dangerous way is to bet on the underdogs. The most effective tactic, according to the betting guru, is to bet on goals from outsiders, even if they don’t win the game. If you look at the statistics of games of unequal opponents, you can see that the favorites concede balls even in victorious matches.

First goal by foot

The 더킹카지노 strategy may seem odd, as most goals are kicked in. In reality, the probability is no more than 50%, since the ball can be sent into the goal with the head or part of the body, and sometimes the match ends without goals.

It is only worth betting if you have the statistics of kicking goals for various players. Also, do not bet at the very beginning, since the odds are low at this moment. Usually it will rise after 10-20 minutes of play.

Overlapping all outcomes

The simplest version of this method is to search for two bookmakers who predict the victory of different teams. It is necessary to calculate how it is worth distributing the amount of the pot in such a way as to be the winner in any outcome.

Strategy “Yellow Cards”

Betting on yellow cards is not the most common betting method. It is not offered by all bookmakers and not for every match. Most often, such bets are available in football. For a winning prediction, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The arbiter plays a key role. According to statistics, some of them assign penalties for any reason, while others show a yellow card as a last resort.
  • Players – usually the amateur fouls on the pitch, are well known. Depending on the importance of the match or the championship, violations can be predicted with relative accuracy;
  • teams – it is best to keep statistics to see patterns, the use of which will allow you to make a correct prediction.

The strategy is suitable only for serious bettors who constantly monitor the situation in the sports world or their favorite sport.

First half betting strategy

According to statistics, fewer goals are scored in the first half than in the second. Therefore, it may not be clear why bet on the first half. The secret is in the odds that will be 0.5 higher. For bets, they choose games in which teams aggressively attack, score a lot and concede. The bet is made when the coefficient reaches 1.7, or better 2. In this case, you can bet on TB 0.5. This is done live towards the end of the half. Before the start of the match, the coefficient on performance is at the level of 1.2-1.5, but increases during the game.

Statistically, calculations show that in this case, there are 4 losses for 5 wins, which can be considered an advantageous ratio.

2nd period

In the second period of hockey matches, 15-20% more goals are scored than in the first, but the odds are lower. Experts recommend betting on the performance of the 2nd and 3rd match segments. The priority of playing clear favorites with outsiders – a high total is expected there.