Rules and regulations regarding gambling and casinos around the world are changing. More people are now having access to some of the best establishments in the world. More people across Europe, Americas, South America and Asia are checking out the variety of different online casinos.

With these changes in place, here are those countries that have the most gamblers right now… and where gambling is the most common in all different forms. These are also the countries that are still growing in terms of market size and, as the industry becomes even more regulated, continues to get ever more popular.


Although this isn’t common knowledge and may be surprising to some, Australia is the country with the highest percentage of its population that partakes in casino gambling regularly. Currently, there are more than 8.8 million casino players, which represents over 39% of the population that gamble every day.

The most popular forms of gambling in the land of Oz include slot games (pokies as they call them) and table games. One of the reasons it is so popular out there is because this is one of the countries where players can keep everything they win without paying any tax on it.

In addition, although gambling is big, it is very well controlled in the country as less than 1% of Australian gamblers have issues with problem gambling.

And that’s land-based casinos. In terms of online casinos, these are also incredibly popular. Indeed, there are more online players in Australia than land-based players. Players love online casinos because it allows them to play with as little as just AUD 1 per spin and and have all of the very best casino games and slots / pokies right there at their fingertips, in just a few clicks of the button. If you want to find out more about the benefits of online gambling, check out one of the best casino guides  on the market which has everything you need to know!

The United Kingdom

This is a country well known for its love of gambling, with around 46% of the country’s population gambling in some way, shape or form in the last three or so months. The reason it stands out is because its market is considered to be one of the strongest in terms of value and investment. In the UK, gambling is also good for the economy because all land-based and UK online casinos need to pay tax on their incomes and to operate within the UK, they need to pay for a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Without this license, they are unable to operate within this market legally.

However, there seems to be a little more of an issue in this country, with around 3.1% of its gamblers having suffered with gambling addictions at some point. Because of this, the country has numerous tools and agencies to help, such as GamStop, which can limit a player’s gambling in all UK licensed casinos.


The third in our list of top three countries for gambling is Singapore, with over half the population (around 52%) choosing to gamble at some point. Interestingly enough, the country doesn’t necessarily promote gambling and has even added a fee for those wanting to go into a casino. This is also a country where casinos haven’t been widely legalised and you can only gamble at certain places.

Gambling was officially legalised back in 1923, however, this was blamed for an increase in criminal activity and there were issues with gambling addiction, so they chose to ban it. Gamblers in Singapore can legally gamble at Singapore Pools or Singapore Turf Club or at an offshore online gambling site.


This just touches the sides of the popularity of gambling. It is now enjoyed all over the world and in most cases you can keep your winnings and enjoy it as a way to spend time and money without breaking the law. Having said that, countries’ rules are changing and all different, so make sure you check your local regulations first.