When you are playing online casino for real money, make sure that you understand the rules and regulations issued by that particular casino site.  


Whether you are a beginner or an established player, you will know how popular playing online casino games for real money is. The first-rate casino sites will offer the players a good range of varieties and titles. When you fire up an online casino site, you will find, crammed among the blackjack and roulette games, banks and banks of slot machines.

Slots are known as the most efficient and slickest way to boost your bankroll. Over the years, it has become the staple option for thousands of online savvy casino players. So if you want to play casino online but are a beginner or an intermediate, here is a step by step guide to playing online casino for real money.

Finding a Good Online Casino

Some of the best online casinos from the biggest developers offer many online slots. Some of the developers have special deals with the online casinos to provide the portfolios of their slots. But you have to stay alarmed and warned as not all casinos online are equally created.

Playing Online Slots

In the past, when online slots with real money were introduced, they had just one playline and few reels. But today, you can find slots with 1024 playlines, 3 reels, 5 reels, and an expensive animated sequence. Whichever online slot you pick, they all work the same way, but certain features will vary from developer to developer.

Keep in mind; you can always ‘try before you buy.’ There are several websites that offer the players to play free versions of these online casino slot games.

Spinning the Reels

After loading the slot from an instant play site or an online casino, you will be taken to the game screen packed with reels. The traditional slots come with three reels whereas; the modern video slots come with five vertical reels.       

Each reel consists of 20-25 symbols, and the objective is to spin the reels and hit the winning combinations. That is, the symbols of all the three or five reels have to appear the same. With so many playlines and so many symbols on the reel, this can add up to thousands of possible combinations to hit.

Viewing the Paytable

Before spinning the reel, you can always check the different payouts for hitting different winning combinations.

Bet Sizing and Playlines

Before you put real money on the line, set the number of playlines and bet sizes you want to play with. In slots with smaller wallets, you can find betting starting from as low as $0.01/line. Moreover, you can bet 1-10 coins per line.  

The Casino Bonuses

When you play online casino for real money you will be exposed to casino bonuses. The bonuses are special offers and rewards offered by the sites to encourage their customers to play for real money. The bonuses usually include;

  • The welcome bonus:

Let us understand this bonus with an example. If you want to make a deposit of $50 to play slot machines, the casino sites will double the deposit by adding extra $50. This bonus is valid only if you are a new customer.

  • The no-deposit bonus:

This is the bonus given by the casino site when you register for the first time.

  • Free spins:

The casino sites offer free spins on releasing new games to attract customers.