It has become a common thing to lose at the casino for every blackjack player. The reason might be obvious that all of them at some point repeat the common mistake. In this article, we will let you know about the common mistake most of the blackjack player does. This might help you next in winning when you play a game of blackjack.

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Mistakes That Blackjack Players Do

Below here are few mistakes that most of the blackjack player does and lose the game.

  • They Don’t Check The Playing Rules: Most of the blackjack players just occupy the first seat they get on the blackjack table. This might be a huge mistake for the players because every blackjack games are created in a different way. Some of the blackjack rules have a mixture of good rules like the dealer standing on soft 17 and the player are able to double after pair splitting. Whereas some have terrible rules like the player have to pay 6-5 doubling and gets restricted around 10 to 11

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  • Not Setting Up A Proper Strategy: The players forget the fact that the game of Black Jack is definitely not based on luck and guesses. There are some strategies that need to be taken for a player to win the game. This is something that most players forget and hence lose their hands at the game. The importance of a proper gaming strategy is something that you cannot deny. Even the brilliant masterminds brought out the correct mathematical ways of playing Black Jack. So, using that once in a while won’t do any harm right?
  • The Obsession With Betting Progressions: It is often seen in the game of Black Jack that the players always have got an obsession with beating the betting progressions houses. This is where you get to bet less or more on the basis of the results that come in the previous hands. They have a fascination with beating the houses and this is where the mistake lies.
  • Taking Chances With Bets: Well, just because you have a chance of winning, increasing the bet is the biggest mistake anyone can make. The Black Jack players all have this thought that the entire game works on a 50-50 probability. This means that if they lose for some rounds, they will increase the bet, only on the basis of probability. That is one of the reasons why they lose.

So, here are some of the top reason why victory is always a distant memory for some players in a game of Black Jack. Make sure that you do not make these mistakes and you are all set. Go to sites like and play a nice game of Black Jack.