You can receive a starting capital of $ 50 as a bonus in a simple way. Moreover, even if you actually pay in, you can earn more bonus than usual. Today we tried picking up points to pass the quiz.

Make it possible to check thestartinging hand chart at hand

You lived in the middle position, pre-flop has the heart of a king and queen in. Before player one person will call. Should I How about you?” Such as the pre- flop action of the selection problem of this chart you can easily answer while watching. With the poker tournament strategy from us you can make the changes.

Bankroll management

It is management to judge which stakes can be played by account balance and keep losses to the minimum.

25 times buy-in rule

It is a rule to play that table when my funds are more than 25 times the buy-in. An abbreviation such as “NL 2” comes up in the problem, but this means that it is a table of no-limit hold’s buy-in buy-in (big blind is $ 0.02 of 1/100).

The question

Which banks can play with $ 100?” The problem of choosing the number below the bank roll divided by 25. In this case the stakes below buy-in $ 4 (big blind $ 0.04) will be correct.

Four big blinds

You should remember that the problem of how many Big Brides is four. This is preflop when all previous players fold and if plus caller or raises, plus it further but it seems that there is no confusing problem so far.

Five Rules for Bluff

Bluff bet does not inflate the pot.If the hand is still able to develop, try to bluff more.Bluff only for the player who thinks to actually fold the hand.Do not bluff on many opponents at once.It is likely to be trusted by insisting on a strong hand and playing bluff only when there is a high probability that the opponent does not have a big hand.Please remember this as it is.

Pot control

Pot control is to manipulate your own bet size, but it is often done in the meaning of play to keep the bot to the minimum.

What is draw

Although the draw is a hand that has not been completed yet, if a useful card comes to the board, there is a possibility that it will be completed (rolled hand) hand.

Protect card

When you have a completed hand and there are many draws on the board, you need to increase the price to see the next community card and protect the hand. That is to bet or raise with a turn.

When do slow play

When the best hand is completed on the flop, there are not too many opponents, and the opponent who plays is playing aggressively.