If you check out the lottery games in Singapore, you will immediately notice that the GD Lotto game is a rising star. This is the Grand Dragon lottery that was first introduced back in 1951. Since then, the game has become immensely popular in a number of Asian countries, which include Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. As a matter of fact, in Singapore, the Grand Dragon lottery is a rising star because the game has its own unique and exciting structure and can offer amazing rewards and prizes to the participants for a very low price. Who doesn’t want that?

In fact, it is the first 4 digit number game that doesn’t just have a different format, but also has other innovative features that have enabled it to gain popularity. Due to this lottery game, Singapore and other Asian countries have also seen an increase in tourism because people wish to play this game. The huge demand and increasing popularity of the Grand Dragon Lottery led to its modernization in order to satisfy the participants and to keep the game going. Previously, people could only buy GD lotto tickets by visiting lottery retailers, but this is no longer the case.

Thanks to technological advancement, the distance and travel barriers have been eradicated and now people don’t have to visit the retailers or even be in the country when they want to buy Singapore GD Lotto tickets. You can play the GD lotto game online in the country so tickets can be bought with ease. There is also a mobile app for Android and also iOS smartphones and can be easily downloaded on the phone from where tickets can be bought and results can be checked.

If that’s not enough, nowadays, there are also lottery services that have agents in various countries and can purchase tickets on your behalf. Lottosend is one such service, which specializes in buying lottery tickets and can take on other hassles of claiming the prize for you as well. You can use them for participating in the Grand Dragon lottery with ease. As player welfare is the primary aim of the GD Lotto, they have also taken steps to ensure the integrity and transparency of the game. The lottery draws are conducted in public and the machines are kept in public view to ensure there is no human intervention.

The draws are conducted on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday i.e. thrice a week and they are conducted fairly. There are several steps in the draw, which involve not just drawing the winning numbers, but also determining their position as well as the winner of the first, second and third prizes. All procedures and steps are transparent to make sure that anyone can win the Singapore GD Lotto and take home the prize. This honesty and transparency has truly boosted the game’s popularity in the country. Another fact that appeals to the players is that the games don’t cause any problems when it comes to paying out prizes.

It is definite that winners will be able to get their full winnings once they are announced. There are no delays and claims can be filed immediately after the draw is over. This makes it incredibly beneficial for the players as they don’t have to be involved in a lot of paperwork or deal with deductions. Another reason GD lotto is rising in Singapore is the returns it has to offer. A total of five betting choices are given to the players and the prizes associated with each of them vary, but are still considerable. This is due to the fact that the cost of buying a single ticket is $1.

This means that even if you are walking away with just $500, you are actually getting 500 times your investment. Who doesn’t want that kind of return? The betting choices available to you are 4D Big, 4D Small, 4D A, 3D ABC Package and 3D Small. As far as the prizes are concerned, they go as high as $6,000 and fall as low as $60, depending on the numbers you match and the betting option you have chosen to play in the Singapore GD Lotto.

Plus, other than the standard prize, the lottery game also has a bonus system. However, this system can only be availed by players who use the first two betting options. Opting for the bonus system can enable players to win massive prizes that add onto their winnings and lead to a higher return. That’s the whole point of playing the lottery so it is a very good deal. Other than that, Singapore GD Lotto also wants to keep its participants safe from lottery scams since it is an authentic game.

Therefore, to ensure zero lottery scam, they have implemented some tough and effective measures for keeping the information of their players safe. Financial encryption is of the highest standard and they are very watchful and cautious. Players can rest assured that Singapore GD Lotto is not a scam. It is also popular in the country because the revenues generated from the game are used to benefit society on a whole as they are used for different charities. Hence, even if you don’t win, you are still doing a good thing by playing the lottery game.

People also prefer to play the Singapore GD Lotto because it genuinely cares about its participants. This is why it always encourages responsible gaming and urges players to only consider it a game and not gamble excessively. They emphasize that players shouldn’t spend more than they can afford to lose and should only play for fun and not for generating an income. They have provided hotline numbers for assistance if anyone is facing a gambling problem. They are very responsive and can give you the help you need.

In a nutshell, the Singapore GD Lotto has great prizes, excellent odds and a quick payout system that makes the game a very good choice when you are interested in having some fun.