“Which are the top online casinos in Malaysia?” – This question will clearly make you scratch your head on which casino to choose from. I have OCD over this and I would definitely hold my horses to play until I find the right online casino. There are way too many casinos that are currently online, you might consider making your investment worth every penny you spent.

Is gambling an investment? Some might say no, it is because most people believe the casinos will make money out of you instead of you making money out of them. Say you go to a “cybercafé” casino, the first thing you need to do is to convert your cash into credit. The method of conversion varies from one place to another. In normal circumstances, you will have to prepare cold hard cash to start playing. I believe nobody will offer you free spins unless there are credit terms available.  

As you might actually hear from your neighbours or even friends, someone you know had lost everything because of gambling. Worse still, the person had run away to evade loan sharks or creditors. I am not going to argue with anyone but I will still recognise gambling as a form of investment. That Joe or Jane doe that had run away might not plan his or her investment correctly thus losing everything on gambling.

So where to start? There is something called No Deposit Bonus. You can call it a trial or fish bait if you like. If you like slots, you can click on the demo but it is purely a waste of time. Some online casinos actually provide you free spins or games to lure you into the game. My answer to you is pretty simple: Just grab the No Deposit Bonus and start playing. You can it quit if you don’t like it. One thing to ponder is to make sure you only play with a top and reputable casino which I am going to share with you next.

Bodog is an Online Casino that is serious about its business. They not only offer No Deposit Bonus for newcomers but also from time to time, they will throw in free games and bonus to their loyal customer. Initially I started to play in Bodog with no expectations. After obtaining my No Deposit Bonus, I started to invest more as I played in different sections, notably Live Dealer and Sportsbook. Every section also includes their very own welcome bonus. Why need to go Genting when you are getting more from Bodog! Points, bonus and cash, these are more important than some free drinks or hotel stays.

From new to current customers, Bodog provides various rewards and bonuses. When a new comer joins Bodog, he or she is instantly rewarded with additional bonus. If that is not enough, Bodog will also reward you if you make your first cash withdrawal! If you are already a “senior” customer, long term promotions and rewards are ongoing. You can consider me as a senior member and I don’t feel shy to introduce Bodog to my friends. Once they have joined, both my friends and I will be rewarded. Look out for mystery bonus and special promotions during special season and earn instant points and cash.

I guess it is best to make your move quick and some promotions might have already started or going to end. Try to ask around your buddies as well if they might have already joined as member. Bodog is my choice and why would you want to miss? Make your investment now and earn money. Bodog is safe, fast and secure. I guarantee that you will be satisfied!