There are already quite a few online casinos where it is possible to pay and pay with bitcoins. The digital currency is gaining popularity and more and more providers of online gambling make it possible to pay with bitcoin. A bitcoin casino actually works the same as any other online casino, you only pay and do not pay with euros or dollars, but with bitcoins. The only difference with other online casinos is the currency you play with.

The Process of Playing

When you just start playing with bitcoins and are not yet familiar with it, you can follow the following step-by-step plan: Find a casino that has bitcoins as a means of payment. Also check out what the welcome bonus is and whether it appeals to you, Register at the casino of your choice, Deposit a certain amount of bitcoins in your profile according to your own wishes, Use the available bonuses so that you can play longer, choose a game that you like to play.Before you do bitcoin gambling, read the terms and conditions carefully. These may differ slightly from the conditions of an ordinary online casino.


A bitcoins casino does not really differ much from other online casinos. You only play with a different currency, namely the bitcoin, with which you can deposit and collect winnings. This makes it possible and safe for everyone, because it is anonymous, to experience the fun and excitement of playing at an online casino.In recent times, the Bitcoin is increasingly in the news. This of course has to do with the huge profit increases that this “currency” makes almost daily. At the start of this year, the counter stood at around 1,000. This week the price has already hit 17,000. You do not have to study mathematics to be able to calculate what an amount of 10,000 euro has yielded in a year of investing. These figures actually say enough. The seated “gamblers” from the beginning of this year sleep wonderfully. They only have the problem when they start selling. Selling means taking profit, but also ensures that the “kick” has disappeared. You sell and the price keeps rising. This in turn creates a very unpleasant feeling while the profit was just as good.

The Question Now For Many

Will the price rise even further? If so, how far can the price rise? I believe that investing in advance must have a certain profit in your mind. If, for example, you are satisfied with a 20% profit, you will also have to tick it if the price has actually increased by 20%. Unfortunately people always want more and many people look too much at others. I will explain this with a (fictional) calculation example.Whoever buys the Bitcoin for a price of 15,000 and wants to make the same profit, the price has to go up considerably, namely to 225,000!! If we count this 225,000 rate back to the person who bought the Bitcoin in January 2017 for 1,000, we are dealing here with a millionaire. This person then has 2,250,000 in his account.

Gambling Safe

The big question is always whether people are prepared when the price has risen sharply to step in in bitcoin gambling. As long as the media pays a lot of attention, more and more people will want to take a chance with the motto: Who does not dare, who does not win!