Mini poker is a variation of the mainstream poker game. The gameplay is simpler, the betting times are faster and the probability of success is also quite high. This game is more entertaining than intellectual compared to traditional poker games. Therefore, the object of playing mini poker is extremely rich and diverse. This game has quite a lot of special features compared to the regular poker genre. We will help you learn more about this popular game below.

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Mechanism of playing Mini Poker

Mini Poker is a card game that was reimagined from the game of Poker, but it is much more improved. The minipoker’s main form of play is spinning the pot. Chances of winning are faster, hand ends quickly after just 1 spin and only 1 bet required.

The game does not require brain twists to provide gameplay. Without competition, they mainly rely on your luck. Currently this game is available at all online casinos. The number of participants is also very large.

How to play mini Poker

  • Step 1: Select the dealer house you want to play, download the app and access Mini Poker. Choose the bet that you see fit.
  • Step 2: There are 2 modes of play: manual or automatic rotation. You can choose one of the 2 then click on the spin bar.
  • Step 3: Wait for the results. The machine will return 5 cards for you. If fortunately these cards form valuable sets, then award you according to the level of those sets.

Bonus levels are based on Minipokers

The result of the box breaking the hall with the largest card is the Ace card, you will explode to receive the entire Bonus pool

  • Straight Flush is small, but the player will be multiplied x300 times the bet
  • Four quarters will be x150 times wagered
  • With the result of Full House (1 trio and 1 pair): x50 bets
  • Flush will multiply by x25 times the bet
  • Straight but not the same match is only allowed x13 bets
  • Outcome is Three of a kind x8 bets
  • Result Two pairs x5 bets
  • Result of Pair of J or above x2.5 bets
  • Result of Pair of 10 or less x0.5 bets


This game is mainly based on luck and you choose a transparent dealer. Sunwin will be the best candidate for you in real money entertainment with mini Poker. Hopefully with this article you have distinguished from the minipoker and traditional poker from a long time ago. Refer to our articles to know more about this game play experience.

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