As we discussed in our previous write-up on joy, everyone intends to be happy. The search for pleasure is an ideal assured in the constitution. However, most people don’t realize that there are two kinds of happiness: Joy (with a resources H) and joy (with a tiny h).

Happiness (huge H) is something that runs deep and also is rather extensive and long-lasting, far more than its relative, joy (little h). Actual DominoQQ Joy passes numerous names: serenity, internal tranquility, peacefulness. Lots of various other words additionally enter your mind: calm, placidity, silent, tranquility, composure, poise, patience, repose, consistency, as well as peacefulness.

Unfortunately, individuals maintain deceiving themselves right into thinking that happiness is merely really feeling great. Not that feeling excellent is incorrect or inadequate. It just does not take place to be the very same thing as the substantial H. Little h happiness takes place when we can do away with pain and also suffering. Extraordinary H happiness is not the lack of problem or discomfort, however, instead of the capacity to handle both.


Happiness is not an objective in life; however, it is instead a by-product of something else. That another thing is self-control. Maybe a great way to recognize self-control is in the sense of self-administration. Instead of allowing your life run you, you require to discover the abilities to manage (control) your life to make sure that you can experience it the way you want it. By controlling four certain parts of your life, you can locate your pathway to Happiness. These four components are what make up human nature. The, even more, you can manage each of these elements, the closer you are to the big H.

Happiness (with the big “H”) does not rule out suffering, discomfort, and emotional distress. It provides you the self-confidence that no matter DominoQQ what happens, you will ultimately make it with and be a more powerful individual for it.

These four keys to Joy are not independent of one another. They always connect with and impact each other. The chain reaction that is seen with dominoes is an excellent way to recognize your life. Picture a collection of 5 dominoes where everyone stands for an essential aspect of control. The diagram to the left reveals what this could resemble.

The very first domino represents everything outside of you that triggers off the 2nd domino. This can consist of climate, people, health and wellness, the job, as well as any type of another occasion that you run into in your life.

The 2nd domino means your thought life. Feelings (feelings as well as sensations) are the 3rd domino, as well as the 4th, is your actions domino.

The last domino represents any effects that occur in the outside world as the result of your actions. You need to know that these dominoes never turn.

The Big H kind happiness occurs when all the dominoes are standing. This is hard because the initial domino, life, tends to maintain falling on DominoQQ you (did you notice the round bottom?). Many points can fail in life. We try to keep the dominoes standing by attempting to regulate the initial domino. This is not possible because you have no control over life occasions.