Well, all the fans of Joshua are hoping around for him to knock down the Miller in the coming match. Therefore so many betting odds are being made out as the source of prediction for both the players and about Anthony Joshua odds!

Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller will be giving a tough competition to the Joshua. He is 315 pounds heavier than Joshua. Joshua for us is not having the tones of power for being too much perfect for the heavyweight series.

Hence for the fans of Joshua, we would like to mention that the opening odds for this player is almost -600 favorite which means that there will be an opening bet $600 on a Joshua victory to win $100. On the other side, Miller has been conceptually added with the +475 underdog which means that you can earn with around $475 payday if you bet $100.

Joshua has been put up with an amazing and impressive track record for beating down the opponents. He holds away with his title by taking off WladimirKlitschko and by knocking him out in 2017. He even scores his victory as against the match with Dillian Whyte and the then-undefeated the player Joseph Parker.

Miller in his whole career has never get face to face with the player like the Joshua, and the odds predictions are the clear reflection of it.  Miller has turned out to be the No. 1 ranked heavyweight in the world. Well, the chances of the Joshua victory are about to 86%.

It would not be wrong to say that Miller is coming out being the undefeated American. It would be a greater opportunity as the British-born Joshua is getting the chance to beat him while introducing himself out into the North American audience is appealing.

The fans of both the sides of the players have been waiting around at best to catch the real fun and excitement behind the match and to watch out who will take back home the victory title. Which team do you support?

In one of the interviews, Joshua has himself admit that this match would be the biggest challenge for him as being the boxer and he is looking forward to showing some brilliant skills out. For him, this match will be an everlasting memory for the audience.

This is all about Anthony Joshua odds! So which one of these two players are you supporting the most?