If you are not overly familiar with online gambling, you may keep hearing different terminology consistently being thrown around without any real explanation. Usually, pictures are not enough to quell any further questions you may have about a live dealer. Here we will quickly explain what a live dealer is when it comes to online casinos.

Live dealer sounds like you are going to a land-based casino for the night. However, when it comes to online casino and live dealers, there is a more than subtle difference between the two.

In a live dealer casino, you will be playing a casino game online from your computer or smartphone via a webcam. The webcam connects to a live table where there is a live dealer. You then make bets using a betting interface provided on your device’s screen. The live dealer will then deal the cards live on the table which is streamed back to your device via a webcam.

For instance, you could be playing blackjack via a webcam. There is a real blackjack table and a live dealer. There will also be seven other positions at the table. One of those positions will be yours. You will place your bets on the betting interface provided on your screen. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will not deal your cards, the other player’s cards, and the dealer cards.

You will now play the game of blackjack as if you were actually sitting at the blackjack table for real. As you select to hit for the next card, the dealer will produce the next card to your position on the blackjack table being streamed to your device. This will happen until you choose to stand or if your hand goes bust. The dealer will move through this process with every player on the table before it is the dealers turn to act.

Once the hand is over, the dealer will take all cards, and the computerised system that records the results will make sure you are paid your winnings or collect your bet if you lost.

Obviously, this process changes depending on the game you are playing. If you are playing roulette in an online live dealer suite, then you just need to place your bets, let the wheel spin, and the computer system will record your results, so you get paid.

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We have also prepared a small FAQ section for you as per below.

How does the computer system know you won or lost?

This is the trick to live dealer suites being able to operate over the internet. The software that is used to make bets is the easy part. You can imagine that this is a virtual mat laid over the table. The virtual mat corresponds with the position of your bets on the table. You will use your virtual chips to make bets and this is recorded by the computer software because you are making the bets using your virtual chips.

Next up is how the system records whether you have won or lost. This is done quite easily because technology today so advanced. The system is almost like facial recognition software. It can read the results of the cards and know exactly which game the cards are for. Therefore, games such as blackjack, baccarat, ultimate hold’em, casino hold’em, Caribbean Poker, and Three Card Poker are all programmed into the system, so it can read the final result of the cards.

When it comes to roulette, the job of the computer system recording the final result is even easier. It just needs to know which number the ball lands on for each coup/spin.

Are the games I play in a live casino?

No, they are not in most cases. Although there is one company – Evolution Gaming that is currently connecting with live land-based casino tables that allow players to play online alongside players that are actually seated at the table. However, this is a new concept and is not yet mainstream.

Most of the time the live dealer tables are in a studio that has been designed specifically for players that want to play live casino tables from anywhere by connecting to the tables over the internet and streaming them to their device. The studio does not have any live players there to play the tables – there is just staff in the room that are there to deal the cards and spin the wheels.  

There you have it. A complete guide on what live dealer suites are and how they work. You are basically playing live casino games, but you are not going to the casino to play them. The dealers and the game are live, but you will be betting using virtual chips. All this is brought to your device via a high tech system of HD webcams.