The rummy games are the most popular games that can be played in your pastime or to relieve yourself from stress. Rummy is played both offline and online. In fact, rummy is the popular online 13 card game that is played by millions of players on the internet around the world. The rummy card game is very popular in India having millions of users for it. Ace2Three is one of the oldest players in Indian rummy industry. It is the ideal destination for the players who wish to play Indian rummy online.

The reason for the popularity of this website in India has not been hidden from people. The powerful marketing strategy has helped Ace2Three to rise in the country. It has again come with an exceptional TVC that is entertaining and a must watch for every rummy enthusiast.

The new TVC by Ace2Three depicts a scene from a jewelry shop where a family is shopping jewels for their daughter’s wedding. While the women are busy shopping for jewels, the man is getting bored. But he finds something for himself in the shop to get over the boredom. He starts arranging the jewels kept in the tray in a certain pattern. The salesperson is watching the man carefully and figuring out what he is doing. He finally figures out that the man is trying to make a rummy sequence. The salesperson helped the man to complete his rummy sequence by providing him with the last diamond of the sequence.

Offline Rummy Vs Online Rummy – The Difference

If you love to play rummy games online then is the website to follow. Rummy is surely one of the hot favorite online games. But have you ever wondered how online rummy differs from offline rummy? Though the basic rules for rummy game in both modes are unchanged, but still online rummy has a better hand over offline rummy. Let us check how.

Fair Gameplay

One of the major benefits of online card game rummy is that the player seating arrangement is random. It ensures that the seating around the table is not biased or controlled by players. The shuffling of cards is done by random card generator which ensures that no player can cheat to get the good cards and the chances of cheating are nowhere in online.

Play with Different Players from Home

You need not go to a specific location to play rummy with your friends as rummy can be played from the comfort of your home. You can play rummy online with different players at any time of the day, unlike offline rummy.

Rummy Variants

There are always obstructions while playing rummy offline as you need to go with the rummy variant preferred by others. But this is not the case with online rummy. You can choose among different rummy variants to play. Moreover, if you don’t know how to play cards rummy, the tutorials on these websites will help you out to learn new variant of the rummy game.

Bonuses& Rewards

The online rummy is rewarding, unlike offline rummy where the player winning the game takes away all the money. In online rummy, a player gets sign up bonuses and extra rewards during the gameplay. Moreover, there are weekly and monthly bonuses for players playing rummy games online on most of the websites.


If you play card games online then you will be amazed to know that these games can be played easily on multiple devices. You can download rummy games on your mobile or tablet and can enjoy playing it. You can even play these games on your PC/laptop. This is one of the major advantages of playing rummy online. In case of offline rummy, you have to gather at one particular place to play it together.

The Bottom Line

Ace2Three is the oldest & the largest leader in this industry and it has been serving the rummy lovers from more than a decade. You can download its rummy android app and enjoy playing the rummy games on your Android & iOS smartphones. You can proceed with the free download of rummy app from Google PlayStore or App Store.
So, dig out your passion for playing rummy at Ace2Three.