There are two types of online casinos that will offer slot games, those being no download casinos and the other being software downloaded casino.

A no download casino is where all the games offered can be played from your web browser through the use of Flash. You are then able to play slot games straight from your browser without the need to make any type of download.

A download casino means that you will need to download the casino software onto your computer so that you are able to play the slot games. However, many online casinos that offer a download may also offer no download games.

The biggest reason that players opt for no download slot games is for security. Many people are scared to download anything onto their computer, so they will be wary if they need to download the slot game they want to play. Even though download casinos are secure as long as they are a reputable brand, players still prefer the no download option.

Players that use Mac may not have a download version available to them, as the software is not supported on their device, which means they will only be able to play no download slot games. Muchgames has no download slots that you can play.

You are able to find online casinos that will never require you to make a download, which can be a huge benefit for those that are using a work computer, is travelling or has a computer that does not support the download software.

Slots are usually the most popular no download game and you will be able to find hundreds of slot games to play through your web browser. No download slot games do look great, but some may lag in gameplay, but this is more to do with your Internet connection. Also, as these slot games are played through Flash, you are also able to play these no download slot games on your mobile device, as you just need to access the online casino from your mobile browser.

No download slot games include classic 3 reel slot games as well as modern video slot games with 5 reels. There are also high limit slots, progressive slot games and more.

You will not have any limitations when you are playing no download slot games and you will have access to plenty of slot games that all play well and look great.