Backdoor play plays an important role in the process of building balanced ranges. And if you ignored these hands before, considering them to be near garbage, then today’s article is definitely for you. Today you will learn that backdoor firewood is valuable not only due to its additional equity, which, frankly, is not much more than non-backdoor empty hands. The main value of backdoors is that they have good playability, which will allow you to reach the river more often and realize more equity.

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With A Backdoor Unprepared Hand, You Should Be More Inclined To Bet

If you have an unpaired backdoor flush draw (BDFD), then you should bet cara download joker123 more often if you currently have the initiative. This is especially true for situations when you are in position on your opponent. Betting backdoors is a profitable decision because on the turn you can often continue your bluff in two situations:

When the turn gives you a flush draw: You will get a lot of extra equity, so you can usually continue your aggression with a second barrel. And sometimes you can still cover your flush on the river and take a juicy pot.

When there are a lot of draws on the turn: Betting scary alternatif joker123 cards that cover a lot of straight draws will often force your opponent to over-fold. The average player in such cases thinks “well, all semi-bluffs are closed, so he is unlikely to bluff.

Backdoor Can Turn a Negative Hand into a Positive One

In this situation, the best decision with a bare gut shot is likely to fold. But if BDFD is added to this gut shot, then your hand can immediately become border line plus to continue. Again, this happens for two reasons:

  • BDFD has slightly more additional equity than its non-backdoor counterpart.
  • You get a huge increase in playability in the form of being able to hit the FH on the turn, and thereby realize more equity or create more good bluffing spots.

Of course, these conditions will not always be enough to influence the correct decision, but in some borderline situations, backdoors will tip the scales in one direction or another. And in poker, as you know, many of the situations will be close to borderline.

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Double Backdoors (Flush + Straight) Work Well As Bluff Raises

Typically, for check-raises to bluffs, you will want to use stronger draws such as OESDs, flush draws, or at least gutshots because these hands play better in big pots. However, not every board will have such a wide selection of draws to build an adequate bluffing range. And then double backdoors come into play. Double backdoor hands have incredible playability on the turn and can improve into super-masked nuts by the river, allowing you to win a huge pot. On top of that, you don’t have to bury a lot of equity if your opponent suddenly decides to 3-bet your check-raise.

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