All the players or online gamblers who are fond of playing online gambling games must play on trustworthy gambling sites as well as should be aware of the rules and regulations of playing online games. Al the members want to feel comfortable and safe in playing online gambling games. The trustworthy sites like Situs Dominoqq Terpercaya and many more have transparency in their working and terms and conditions of playing games. Various terms and conditions and the rules in online gambling games are as follows:

Rules & Regulations for Playing Online Gambling Games

  • Players playing online gambling games must have an age of 18 yrs. or above.
  • The members are not allowed to transfer or register balance/chips from account A to account B.
  • The members are required to attach the proof of transactions between the banks and when the bank is facing disruption then it can be processed quickly.
  • Utilizing other people’s accounts to play on behalf of others is not allowed in any case.
  • Accounts of the players are completely secured by the admin.

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