Roulette`s Game Systems and Strategies aim to achieve a positive result. There are many strategies with which you can win. This book describes systems that can help you succeed, as well as systems that are considered faulty. Knowing these strategies is very important for roulette players because by using them you will avoid common mistakes.

However, there are variants of such games where the lottery can take place regularly, every few seconds or minutes. The percentage of compensation to the player for continuous lotteries tends to be higher (although it still has a negative mathematical expectation). The maximum prize also tends to be much smaller compared to long lotteries. Within this group of continuous lotteries, it is also possible to distinguish certain types and subtypes.

In addition to the game on the principle of “made a bet – spun the reels”, there are also bonus games, or simply “bonuses”. They start when three symbols appear with the words Scatter, Free Spins, or Bonus. Bonuses are rare, but you can win in them an amount that exceeds the bet by 30-50 times, or even higher.

Perhaps, payments in online casinos are becoming a major stumbling block for potential players. In real casinos, everything is simple – came with cash, exchanged for chips, when leaving, made a return exchange – clear and understandable. In an online casino, with very few exceptions, you can’t take cash, here you have to resort to various banking operations or electronic payment systems.

All electronic payment systems are a virtual “wallet” that allows you to transfer money to other participants in the system and receive money from them, as well as make payments to various outlets, including casinos. You must first transfer money in one of the traditional ways to top up your e-wallet (see the methods described above).