Kenya is an African country that is known for its prestigious wildlife and majestic forests. The Kenyan economy relies on agriculture, forestry, and fishing is the primary source of income for its citizens. In terms of land, the Kenyan soil is highly sustainable for farming.

Aside from agriculture, one of the primary sources of money for Kenyans is manufacturing. 14% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country is because of several manufacturing industries that are present in Kenya. Some of the manufacturing industries in Kenya include CMC Motors Kenya, General Motors, and other cement and mining companies.

The service industry encompasses 63% of Kenya’s GDP, making it the largest source of income for the nation. Tourism in Kenya holds the most significant parts of the service sector as there are destinations in Kenya where you can go. The wildlife in Kenya has been a tourist attraction for years.

Nowadays, there is an industry in Kenya that rises due to the popularity of the internet, and it is sports gambling. Kenyans love to watch sports like football, so they tend to spice up their excitement as they bet for a favored team to win. Everyone can do sports betting in Kenya as betting starts low and does not increase,

Unlike other industries, betting has become more relevant these days because any person from any walk of life can bet on their favorite sports teams. Betting, just like any form of vice, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a Chezacash infographic that explains the pros and cons of sports betting in Kenya.