If you are a newbie and learnt how to play poker, you are now ready to play and put some amount on the game. As a poker player, you got to know one thing is that always you are learning. The best professionals in the game are also still learning something new. The ultimate truth is you are always learning even if you are the best and yet there are lots of scopes for you to improve your skills in poker. –

People ask if books are better to learn and should they go through books to become experienced? Yeah, books are good as they are mostly written by professionals who are doing well in the game. But still, the fact is that learning something with the cost of your own experience is always better.

  • Earn Experience Watching Others Play:

If you are a newbie to a poker game and want to play it better and earn right, of course, you need to read books, but also watch other professionals play the game. Go to the room and watch their strategy, how they do it. Go to their forums and read what they say about it. The good thing is that you can also ask the players questions and discuss their strategy and the theory. There are also poker websites like Judi Poker Online Indonesia who offers you instructional videos of poker. On those videos, you will often find how pros are playing the games and giving you instructions on how they played it.

  • Revisit the Game and Recheck it:

Once you start playing the game in Judi Poker Online, after playing a game, revisit the games you have played. They are recorded there. Recheck the games carefully that you have performed, and you will see they will look different to you. It will bring a whole new perspective to the game you have played. There might be times you would get embarrassed by the way you played the game, but still, don’t worry and don’t stop to watch them. This process will make you more experienced. So, whenever you are into a new game, you will be more careful about it, and you are going to play better.

  • Track your Results:

Not only you should have a look to your previously played games, but you should also track your results by visiting the Stats section, which would give you an idea of what is the percentage you play with your dealt hands, the percent of show-downs you lose, and you win, and many more. You can easily download those data from the hand histories of the poker game site, which all of the good poker websites allow.