In these special sit and go that have become so fashionable it is obvious that you also have to set a strategy. There are many points to keep in mind, such as playing when there are more than two players and how to play heads up with more or less chips, and whether or not it is good to change the strategy based on the prize that came out in the draw before the start of the game.

The Right factor

One dominoqq factor that can cause you to make bad decisions is the prize you play for, and that’s a big mistake. You should play all heads up the same regardless of whether the prize is the lowest (most of the time) or whether you won a big prize in the previous draw. Unlike your rivals you must use the fear of losing a big prize from them if you see them passive.

Changing your style of play just because the prize is higher can be counterproductive, because the most advisable thing is that if you play Blast, you do it thinking about the long term and look for the economic performance of this variant of poker in the long term, playing several of these tournaments that only last 4 minutes on average.

Heads Up Poker Events and Tournaments

The offline heads up tournaments will be those events that are played in heads up mode. Obviously it is a very popular modality on television since seeing two poker players facing each other at a single table is very spectacular.

  • Although we can find such important events as the World Heads Up Poker Championship or the World Heads Up Championship that takes place in the World Series of Poker, it is not easy to enjoy tournaments of these characteristics with low buy-in since they usually be events that will require a large number of tables, dealers or a longer waiting time between rounds.
  • Choosing a good structure is also difficult: best of 1, 3 or best of 5, it is difficult with so many cons to organize more heads up tournaments in offline casinos.

But in any case, playing heads-up live is very interesting at the learning level since most of the hands are dealt. This is a great way to gain lots of experience with a wide variety of starting hands. Usually in tournaments of any other form of poker it would be normal for you to only play strong starting hands, but in heads up tournaments almost all hands are suitable for play.

The Right Options

They also serve to improve the skills of your poker game in tournaments that reach heads up, something key in Multi table tournaments because many times due to the prize structure there is a huge difference between the first and the second.

And it will also come in handy in sitgo where first place is where the big chunk of money really is at stake. Heads Up Multi-Table (MTT) tournaments sometimes give players long breaks between game sessions. You can take your time between game rounds, making these poker tournaments ideal for playing. Players must wait for other tables to open before advancing in these tournaments.