Football is the one and only game which has large fan followers from almost every country in the world. Apart from the FIFA tournaments, football has become that much popular because of thousands of leagues in different corners of the globe and among all of them, English Premier League is considered to be the best. The attacking and dynamic form football played in it, intense competition for the top five finish, the arch rivalry between the clubs and the exciting run up until the very last game week of the league have made this league so much popular.

Talking about the English Premier League, we all are all aware of the derby matches played in it like; The Merseyside derby, The Tyne and Wear derby, The West Midlands derby, The Manchester derby, etc. Among these, the North London derby is very much popular among the football fans and of the fiercest one.

This derby is played between the two North London based football club, the Arsenal and the Tottenham Hotspur. The Emirates stadium, home stadium for the Arsenal is just four miles away from the White Hart Lane, home stadium for the Tottenham and thus these two became a great rival of each other. The first derby took place in 1992. Now, coming to club history of the Arsenal, it was established in 1886 and till date, it has won 13 Premier League, 2 League Cup, 8 FA Cup, 7 Community Shield and the prestigious UEFA Champions league. Some of the big signings from the current squad includes players like; Theo Walcott, Santi Cazrola, Giroud, Aron Ramsey, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, etc. In the present season, Arsenal is currently in the sixth position and fighting for a top-four finish under the Arsen Wenger.

The rival club, Tottenham Hotspur was established in 1882 and won their first major cup in 1900. Just like the Arsenal, this club also possesses a fantastic history in the English football and has won the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and Championship for two times, 7 Community Shield and 8 FA Cup title. Tottenham has also confirmed their place in the upcoming UEFA Champions League as it just four points behind the Chelsea and giving a tough fight for the title. Big signings for the club includes players like Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Hugo Loris, etc. and M.Pochettino is currently serving as the manager of the club. Both Arsenal and Tottenham is famous in the league for the versatility of their gameplay.

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