Gambling is one of the most popular activities in which adults spend their time and money. When you want to gamble and try different games there is only one place you should go: a casino. Here you have a wide range of games, slot machines, card games, table games and so on, that keep you entertained. But being that casinos are a somewhat a restrictive area for some individuals, there are some myths and misconceptions that are flooding the internet nowadays. In this article i will explain to you what are the most common myths about casinos, many of which i’m sure that most of know to be true. Lets dive in, shall we?

Las Vegas in the capital of gambling around the world: FALSE

Well actually, this is false. Las Vegas was the gambling capital of the World until it was surpassed by Macau. Macau is a small country right in the coastline of China. Here are numerous casinos and entertainment attractions that make Vegas look like ancient tourist attraction. However we must keep in mind that the US has not only Las Vegas as a gambling location, but also Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Reno from Nevada.

When gambling on online casinos you can be younger than 18: FALSE

It’s true that in an online casino you can gamble basically from everywhere in the world, you just need a device with internet connection. But what certainly is not true is the idea that you don’t have to be 18 to play. This is totally false! Even though you are not visiting a physical location you must be at least 18 years old. When you register with an account the website will make sure to verify your identity and age.

You only need luck at the roulette to win. FALSE

Even though luck is a variable that influences in many situation your chance of winning a game at a casino (any game that involves some sort of betting)

In the case of the roulette is not all about luck. You must know very well the game and understand the statistical probabilities very well.

Poker it’s very complicated and hard to play: FALSE

Poker is one of the most popular card games around, but this doesn’t make it complicated.

It’s true that it has a set of rules, like any other game, but it’s not complicated by any means. If you know who to play classic game cards like Macau, you won’t have a problem understanding Poker.

The chance of winning in an Online Poker game is smaller: FALSE

It is true that the card shuffling is done by a robot, also you must take note that the robot (in our case the algorithm) will mathematically randomize cards, which in theory is way better then the dealers shuffling method.

I hope that i clarified some of the myths regarding gambling and especially casinos. Before you take what you heard for granted do your research in this way you are assuring yourself that the information received is legit.