Lucky 13 Blackjack is really a new variant of blackjack produced by an Australian gaming company in 2014. It’s now offered at a couple of traditional casinos. Lucky 13 Blackjack isn’t yet offered by any online casinos. This blackjack variant is performed with decks composed of 64 cards. In addition to the usual cards you will find 11s, 12s and 13s, that are designed such as the non-picture cards and also have their face values.

The bottom game rules are much like the conventional online blackjack rules. The player’s rules are listed below: player can double on any first couple of cards after a split player can re-split pairs, including aces insurance coverage is available but no surrender. When the player will get a set of 11s, 12s, or 13s, he then needs to split making the additional wager or bust and lose the bet. The dealership needs to get up on a tough 16 or over along with a soft 17 or over. The dealership isn’t worked an opening card. The payouts overlap with in standard blackjack variants. When the player wins he then will get compensated even money and when he wins having a blackjack he will get compensated 3 to two. The home edge under these rules is between 1.3% and 1.4%, with respect to the quantity of decks used. This really is in regards to a percentage point greater than to find the best online blackjack variants. If the game would be to gain popularity some rules must be tweaked in support of the gamer to be able to lessen the house edge.


Lucky 13 Blackjack offers two side bets. Due to the additional cards are worth 11 to 13, the risk of the gamer busting around the worked cards is greater. Therefore a Protection Bet can be obtained, which pays when the player busts around the first couple of cards. When the total from the first couple of cards equals 22 to 25, the payout is 5 to at least one. When the first couple of cards are generally 13 this bet pays out at 40 to at least one. In case the dealer shows 13 then these payouts are increased five occasions. For this reason the blackjack variant is known as Lucky 13 Blackjack.

Sleep issues bet may be the Pairs Bet, which has similarities aside bet in Perfect Pairs online blackjack variant. However, its smart a set 12 to at least one for just about any pair within the player’s first couple of cards. The payout is elevated to 60 to at least one when the dealer shows 13. The home edges of these bets have to do with 8% and 6% correspondingly.