If you are looking for a higher return on your investment, the right marker market is the best option, with odds of 5/1 (6) or higher. With so many possible results, it is not easy to find the key, but when you do, the gains are greater.

The most common results in football do not have many goals, so options like 1-0, 1-1 or 2-0, usually offer the lowest odds. However, to increase your winnings, you can try scorecast bets; in these the player is chosen who is believed to score first (or at any time) and what the final result of the game is. Go for the Best Online Sportsbooks there.

Both teams score

This market has become very popular in recent years, with many fans eager to enjoy the matches with many goals. It is much simpler than the 1X2 market, since there are only options here: yes or no.

It is a very interesting type of bet, as it is more unpredictable than the result. This is reflected in the available quotas, between 4/6 (1.66) and 6/4 (2.5) most of the time. Quotas below 1/2 (1.5) or above 2/1 (3) are very difficult to find.

The difference in level between the teams, and their style of play, are two of the factors to take into account when betting on this type of market. Some teams, for example, are known for their ultra-offensive tactics, but have a very permeable defense.

Thus, one of the extra possibilities that this type of bet offers is that of the match result market and both teams scored. This is a combination of both teams scored and the previous section, so it offers higher odds. If you think that a team will concede a goal, but will also win, this may be a good option.

First marker

This is one of the other most attractive bets, which offers a good return with a small investment, even though the shares are not as high as those for the right result.

Attacking forwards and central midfielders have the lowest odds, as they score the most. The two teams participating in the game also influence the odds, since a striker from a team fighting for maintenance will have less chance of scoring against a team above the classification and against another who is in the same situation.

Before betting, it is best to wait for the 11 players who will start the game to be confirmed , as there is a risk that the player you have bet on will not even participate in the game. Yes, the money will be returned to you, but it is a waste of time- In addition, if the player you bet on as the first marker enters to replace another, your bet will only stand if the marker is still 0-0 at the time of replacement.

Last Words

In addition, other marker markets include the last marker, which has the same odds as the first marker, and will score at any time, which is, of the three, the option most likely to be a winner. Next to book is also available at most bookmakers.