Are you a card game lover who takes time to enhance rummy skills through online games? If yes, you have appeared in the right post. In simple language, rummy games are the most popular card games in a few countries. The game comprises a myriad of variations played in different parts of the globe. The card games aim to meld cards in hand into sequences or/and sets by drawing & discarding cards. Here are the five different countries where rummy is the most popular game:

Top 5 Countries where Rummy is Famous

#1 Spain

The most widely accepted and popular proposition about rummy is that it evolved from Conquian – the game that originated in Mexico and Spain. According to beliefs, Spanish people invested in it, and then the game moved to America with the Spanish migrants. It is also believed to have spread throughout America during the 19th century. In simple words, Conquian is regarded as the first example of rummy games from which all the rummy variants have developed.

#2 Mexico

Even Mexican people love rummy games. For them, the rummy variant is way different from Indian rummy. Around 2 to 8 players can play Mexican rummy games. The total number of decks will depend entirely on the players’ number. The prime objective of the Mexican variant is to establish 11 hands known as phases. Every phase comprises a combination of cards to complete the phase. The very first player who completes the 11 phases turns out to be the winner.

#3 America

The game’s popularity has also got established in American lands. It has led to the creation of different online platforms where passionate players from around geographical boundaries compete with one another. Individuals who play the rummy games online to win money on the rummy app are experts in these games. In America, rummy is considered one of the most popular games.

#4 India

In India, rummy is considered a game of skills. Fortunately, the honorable Supreme Court has declared that rummy falls under the games of skill where players need to implement their proficiencies to win instead of luck. So, rummy games have widely been accepted in Indian states except for these countries that have banned such games:

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Odisha
  • Assam
  • Nagaland
  • Sikkim

Indian gamers can get their hands on different types of rummy games online. So, download rummy games of your choice from the Internet and enjoy earning real rewards.

#5 England

Besides Whist and Solo Whist, England residents also enjoy playing rummy. It was during the time when rummy was better known as Conquian rummy. Around 400 years ago, the game got played in Spain & Mexico. But as soon as it reached America, Conquian or rummy also became popular amongst English people too before it went back to the Atlantic, where it got referred to as rummy.

Wrapping up

Although several countries refer to it by different names, one thing that’s sure is the fact that rummy games are widely accepted & loved by each and all throughout the card games’ history. The reason behind its popularity is the variety & skills involved.

And kudos to the decision made by the honorable Supreme Court that has declared rummy as the game of skill in India. As soon as anyone learns the rules, applying the skill becomes a cakewalk. So, increase your winning chances by learning the major rummy skills. Indeed, rummy is an intriguing game that tests your skills and, at the same time, gives you an opportunity to earn real rewards online.

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