As soon as you arrive at an online casino, you will notice that in the long and wide advertising with different casino bonuses. For many players these bonuses sound like music and that is not surprising at all. Who would not want to receive free money right now? Unfortunately, a casino bonus is all but free money. When asked why not take a casino bonus, we can also give some excellent answers. In the first instance, the amount that the casino gives you ‘for free’ cannot be paid out at all unless it is played around according to the conditions. Moreover, you often only have a limited time for this, so that there is a certain (extra) pressure on your shoulders. Do you sometimes wonder why do not take a casino bonus and do you want to finally get a correct answer? We have listed a number of excellent reasons for you on this page!

Playing Around a Bonus

Initially, as already indicated, a casino bonus must always be played first before it can be paid out. What does “playing around” mean? Playing around means that the bonus money must be used in its totality and a certain profit has to be booked. In the case of profit, the required number of rounds of betting will be reduced while it will increase again in case of loss. Playing a bonus seems at first sight still feasible, but in practice it is a lot trickier.

Many players ask themselves how often the bonus should be played around exactly. Is it ten times? Or maybe twenty times? Error, in the majority of cases, a welcome bonus should just be played around between 35 and 40 times before it can be paid! For other bonuses this number is on average a little lower, but even then you will have to make a lot of effort to transfer the amount to your bank account.

Bonus Linked to Deposited Amount

Imagine, after reading the above, you still wonder why not take a casino bonus at the joker123 game? In that case, we still have an excellent reason that we can quote. When you are awarded a welcome bonus that is linked to a deposit that you have made, you have to take into account that both amounts will decrease proportionally as the amount is used.

The Final Word

The situation where players only have bonus money on their player account is more common than you think. Often a bonus is awarded by an online casino for a certain game that the player does not take into account. He or she then just tries to bet on other casino games, but of course in vain. As already indicated several times on this page, this also emphasizes how important it is to first check the conditions of the casino bonus before you agree to it.