In the colorful but, at the same time, harsh world of Slither IO, everyone stands up for himself. But, of course, because the game’s goal is to grow into a big snake. Therefore, there was no place for partnerships here. At least until today. Someone says it is impossible to choose the players you will play with. And that for this, you will need to constantly switch the game until the system picks up players randomly.

Like many gamers, game creator Steve Howse decided that everyone needs a friend, even snakes. Therefore, he announced such a possibility in his creation. So, how to play Slither IO with friends, and what needs to be done about this

Step 1. Start Playing as Usual

Launch with Slither Plus enabled. The screen will be slightly different. You will see a button on the bottom right to connect to “Connect to IP.”

The first thing you should do is ignore this button at first and just type “Play” as usual.

Step 2. Get the Server’s IP Address and Share It With Your Friends

After that, you will get a new IP address of the server you will be connected to. You can find it in the lower right corner of the screen.

To connect with your friend, you need to move to an uninhabited place, dial his IP address, and after that, you will continue the game.

Step 3: Ask a Friend to Enter an IP Address to Connect

The next step on how to play with your friends on Slither IO depends on your friends, not you. The person you want to connect to must use the “Connect to IP” button.

The main nuance lies in how to play with friends on can be launched through Slither Plus. This will save you from having to connect endlessly through extensions and servers.

Some Final Words is an entertaining casual game with a multiplayer interface and simple and attractive graphics. Also, the game is pleasant in that it is free and allows you to play at any time and from any browser. The main thing to remember is that you cannot pause the game in a multiplayer game.

One more point: you cannot influence the quality or switch it. Just like you can’t zoom in or out on the screen.

Your main task is to collect as many balls as possible and not hurt another snake. Otherwise, you will lose. The best part is that there is nothing complicated about how to play with your friends on Slither IO. You just have to walk a couple of steps and play a multiplayer game with other players or with your friends.