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Refuse data sharing (contacts, photos) systematically.Block cookies that record in real time your actions (purchases, sites visited) to target the next advertisements you see. This requires configuring the settings of your Internet browser, enable private browsing and regularly erase the history of your searches. From toto  you can have the best deal here.

Purchase on the Internet

  • Regulations impose obligations on the seller online and give you rights to you consumer. It’s up to you to be careful to avoid getting caught.
  • Make sure the “quality” of the seller.
  • Check the real existence of a company behind the site.

Online sellers are obliged to provide:

  • The general conditions of sale at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Legal information (name, company name, address, contacts, telephone number, email address).

 Check the website’s e-reputation: enter its name + the word scam on a search engine. You will have the return of the Net surfers.

  • Prefer a French or European site and shop at a known or recommended site.
  • You have more guarantees as a European consumer and you will avoid customs taxes and other taxes. How to know if the site is French? Go to the “legal notice”.
  • Pay securely

Before paying, you must:

  • check the composition of your order and its total price
  • definitely confirm your purchase

Forget cash and transfers: always pay via your credit card. Make your purchases on a secure site: the address of the site must begin with “https: //”. A closed padlock symbol should be to the left of the address or in the browser window.

To know:

Pay with a virtual credit card or a prepaid card. Choose with your bank for a purchase with double security: a code received by SMS confirms your purchase and its amount.

Some sites offer you to save your bank details to avoid you to re-enter at a future visit: refuse because the security of banking data is not always assured.

Attention to public connections

“A potential hacker can seize the opportunity of a poorly encrypted wifi to intercept some of your data,” warns this. This is the risk of a connection in a café, a hotel, an airport, a station where the wifi is public (you do not need to enter a password). To limit the risk, make sure of the originality of the network in question by asking confirmation to one of the managers of the open network (the boss of the café.

You are in such a situation? Avoid making a purchase, typing your credit card number or accessing banking or important web sites (inbox, personal documents stored online). Indeed, anyone more or less geographically close to you can, if it is ill-intentioned, access this data through the network.