The PGA golf championships are one of the most prestigious events of a golfing calendar. Consequently they also attract a lot of online betting action. Various websites provide dedicated access for live betting on these championships. With money riding high and top ranking players taking the field, there are ample opportunities for punters to win jackpots. But they need to strategise their betting actions so that winning no longer remains an option.

Some of the things which every punter wanting to bet on these golf tournaments at sports betting websites like, should know are:

  • The field: They boast of having the strongest field among the 4 major Golf tournaments. With some of the best players participating, these championships are a wonder to watch and a goldmine of betting opportunities. 
  • The golf course: These championships are conducted on layouts and tracks which have historical significance and are not generally seen in other golf tournaments. Hence this should be taken into account when deciding to bet on a player. The long stretches of soft tracks lined with trees require strong and large hits conducted with precision and thus players with a proven track record for the same should be looked at very closely before placing the online bet on a player.
  • The weather: Since this tournament is held during spring time, days tend to be cold, windy and wet. This might not make for favourable conditions but sure presents great opportunities for punters to bet on the underdogs.

These online craps have undergone quite a change in the last few decades in the way that they are played. Thus one should take into account the fact that advancement of technology has made it quite easy to play certain holes, especially when balls are teed off to reach them. Thus other than predicting the winner, these tournaments present myriad other opportunities for winning, thus keeping the bettor motivated.