The competition between them is tough and we will give you the arguments to take into account before making your choice, without prompting you to register on one site rather than the other. The welcome offer, ideal for a first risk free bet. Be aware that many online sports book sites offer welcome bonuses to attract you to their camp.

The general mechanics is simple

You create your player account on one of the bookmakers and credit it by making a first deposit. You make your first bet online according to the repayment threshold indicated by the site. If your bet wins, you win your win. If your bet is lost, the bookmaker will refund your bet once your player account permanently activated, that is to say when you have entered your personal activation code following the revision of your vouchers. Be aware, however, that bookmakers all apply different conditions that should be read well before entering your registration process. You will discover that the refund can be done in several times, that the withdrawal of the bonus is not necessarily possible without having replayed and that all the bets are not inevitably affected by the various offers of welcome.

Does my future bookmaker have a quality mobile application?

Yes, the urge to bet will not only come when you sit in your office chair in front of your computer. Anticipate now the football evenings where a given team underdogs will be leading against the favorites and where bookmakers will blow up the coast of this last. Nowadays, all bookmakers have at least a website optimized for mobile and however it is necessary to learn about the applications provided by our favorite bookmakers. These will be more optimized and intuitive for recurring use. What better than to install them via the Apple Store and Google Play, or even to consult the opinions of other users, it will take a few minutes to get an idea and it will prevent you from having unpleasant surprises with application crashes while holding the perfect coast! This technological criterion will probably allow you to choose a bookmaker over another, although it will not make you any money.

Deposit or withdrawal, do not neglect minimum amounts before choosing a bookmaker

The life of a sports bettor is made of online betting, deposit money but also withdrawal. Indeed, if you cumulate the good results, perhaps you will want at a given moment to withdraw a part of your bankroll. Be aware that bookmakers reserve the right to charge a withdrawal fee on the amount you wish to withdraw, there may also be additional charges for making withdrawals that are too recurring (within a week) or if you withdraw less than a threshold defined by the site – how to be a bookie.