One of the most common questions in the mind of every new player is – “what are some of the top tips for playing at online casinos?

However, addressing this question is a little difficult. Why?

Firstly, because ‘Gambling’ is a broad term. What are you taking a chance on? Which canlı casino oyunu would you like to play? It’s difficult to provide solid, concrete, and actionable advice in response to such a broad and loaded subject.

Secondly, not everyone has the same experience in online casinos or for that matter even land-based casinos. This makes it really difficult to outline any guaranteed tips which will make you a winner every time you try your casino luck. 

However, we have developed this comprehensive guide which includes some general online casino tips. Let’s dive in!

General Tips for All Beginners

  • Before starting to play any game, make sure you know the rules. Knowledge is power and this holds true for online casinos too. Without having information about the rules, you may end up making costly blunders. 
  • Be willing to accept that you will sometimes lose too. So, put only that amount of money at risk which you can afford to lose. 
  • Check to see if the site you’re joining has established a strong reputation or not.
  • In the long run, making the right decisions pays off. Playing the right way, and playing the right games, doesn’t mean you’ll see the (positive) results immediately, but it will definitely be beneficial in the end.
  • Whenever you feel that the fun element while playing is missing, take a break. 
  • Don’t try to win back your losses. You’re likely to lose even more money.
  • Only play at licensed and legitimate casinos. There will be far less chance of getting ripped off (you, your personal information and your money will always be safer).
  • Before you start playing with real money, get a hang of playing free games. 
  • Check all websites and software providers against a blacklist twice. It’s the simplest and quickest way to keep yourself and your money safe.

Promotion Related Tips

  • Thoroughly read the bonus terms before you decide to commit to it. Make sure you understand what you’ll need to do to claim it.
  • Focus on the validity and time frames of the bonus promotions. Many of them are for a brief period of time. The more time you have to think about it, the better.
  • Make sure you’re enrolled in a VIP programme. It makes no difference which games you are playing. You’ll earn months/years of value from VIP programmes (and cash back).
  • To avoid wagering your bonus along with your deposit, choose a bonus where the wagering requirement only applies to the bonus itself.
  • Don’t pick any online site solely on the basis of the bonus or other promotions it offers. No bonus or monetary incentive is worth being taken advantage of. Check their license and read the reviews.


The above mentioned tips that cover a wide range of aspects related to online gambling will surely help every beginner trying to set their foot in the online gambling world.