Very often when you hear that something is free, it makes you wonder what is wrong with it, and free bets are surely not the exception. However, that is where you are mistaken since free bets are your true chance to make some money.

Let us explain to you why it is how it is.

As you may already know the world of betting sites is constantly growing, and that means that the range of options to choose from is vast and every bookmaker wants you to choose their site. That is why they offer such free bets, to not only win your attention but also to keep you with them instead of letting you get into competitor’s arms.

Free Bet Types

The truth is that most betting sites offer different welcoming bonuses and that is quite obvious. The very same goes for free bet offers, yet there is a certain pattern that you can spot if you know what to look for. So, here is the list of the main offer types:

Matched bets

Match bet grants you a percentage match of the first bet with a certain bookmaker. Usually, it covers 100%, but there are cases where the percentage is less. There are also cases where your bet is doubled, but they are rare, and you surely get why.

Deposit bonuses

The deposit bonus is also a percentage match when you can get a 100% of your first bet; there are cases when you can get less, of course.

No lose bets

If you lose your first bet, you usually get a same-value free bet in return.

Enhanced odds

This type of free bets grants you great odds for a heavy favorite.

No deposit bets

These are very rare since they allow you to make a bet without a deposit and that is quite unprofitable for the bookmakers.