Registering an account and filling in long forms can be time consuming and boring at an online casino.Someone understood that it would be easier to just pay and play at an online casino, pay and play method was invented. This method guarantees a quick registration process and fast withdrawals since it uses an electronic identification solution.

This new comfortable way of playing at an online casino works thanks to Bank identification (BankID). Gamblers who have a BankID can via a signature register to online casinos by giving their identity number and start playing by using a code. Only a quick deposit is required from the gambler’s online bank and the player will become a registered player.BankID is a system of the major banks in Northern Europe. No SMS, phone calls or email is needed. The process is lightning fast and super safe!

Pay and Play Casinos offer the same games and slots as in standard online casinos. Play, Blackjack, Live Casino, Scratchcards, Video Slots, and Video Poker. Sometimes it’s also possible to use this method forSportsBooks and betting. Ocourse, it is possible to use this method with the mobile phone and on otherdevices like tablet. Pay N play casinos often give their players bonuses like No deposit, Welcome Bonus and other bonuses.

Pay and Play Functions at online casinos

A great casino that has the pay and play function is Mr Green, ” the casino is everywhere, on TV, on the Radio on the web”.It’s a top casino whit live chat that is open 24/7. This popular onlinecasino offers this new type of payment method and is a good choice if you want to try this kindof play with BankID registration and super fast withdrawals.  If you decide to leave the casino and come back later your previous account balance, will be the same. You just need t0 verify your identification with BankID.

Pay and play or pay N play, which is another name for the methodis available in Finland, Germany, and Sweden. If you are from Germany and prefer casinos with the game developer NetEnt, you should definitely visit NetEntCasinoNoDepositBonus a site that focuses on NetEnt Pay and play casinos for Germany.Using the BankID and pay N play method can be great and very convenient. Perhaps the best feature is the smooth andfast withdrawals. Online Casinos that use this system can credit the player’s account in less than 5 minutes. The processing time is only a couple of minutes, in online casinoswithout this payment option the process time can take days!

Usually, there are no fees when playing with Pay N play but it happens that banks take small fees with this method.Keep in mind that since thisway of playing most times are hassle-free and lightning-fast it is very tempting to spend more money than ever before at an online casino.Remember to take breaks and put some money on the side and never spend more money than you can afford, play wisely!

 If you want to try an online casino with this new awesome payment method we recommend you to visit SlotHits, a site that offers plenty of various online casinos with pay and play function.