Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as a curious experiment; by 2017, it has become unbelievably common and real. Today, you can buy thousands of various goods and services for Bitcoin, not just online, but even in a small town somewhere in the west. In this small article, we have picked the 16 most surprising and useful things that you can buy with Bitcoin.

You may expect some of those things and services to be available to you, but some will definitely surprise you, if not shock. Nevertheless, everything on this list has been tested and confirmed to sell for Bitcoin. The price, though, may vary.

  • Firearms

In Texas, you can buy pistols and guns, paying Bitcoin, thanks to Central Texas Gun Works. This company accepts Bitcoin for their ammunition and arms since 2014, and some other companies have followed. You can pay online on in-store in Austin, Texas.

  • Funerals

Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation is among the pioneers of organizing burials for Bitcoin. Caskets, memorials, cremation and other things you may need unexpectedly are available for online purchase with Bitcoins (with a discount!).

  • Beer

There is no surprise that the best guys, the bartenders, have started accepting Bitcoins early in 2013. Australian bar Old Fitzroy is the first place where you have become able to pay Bitcoins for beer. By the way, the beer has become much cheaper now…

  • Las Vegas

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino accept Bitcoins since 2014. However, gambling with Bitcoins is still unavailable. Nevertheless, you can attend gift shops, bars and restaurants in the D Las Vegas complex and pay in Bitcoins for the good time.

  • Own tourist resort in Australia

Bitcoin real estate purchases have become so common, that there is a number of websites devoted to it. On one of them, you can find this superior Tourist Facility in the Byron Bay. Aside from the picturesque views and 15 minutes to the most beautiful beach of Australia, you get a permanent Australian visa as an important agricultural investor (paying over $3.5 million in Bitcoin).

  • Apocalypse food supply

You can buy a fair 30-day food supply (45-day, if you follow the emergency plan) from Augason Farms. They accept Bitcoins. At the world’s end, you will not need Bitcoin, perhaps, but you will definitely make use of the Emergency Food Storage Supply Pail.

  • Dog Treats

BitDazzle offers a good supply of dog treats sold for Bitcoin. Looking tasty, isn’t it? You can have it for just a small share of a Bitcoin, but how much happiness it brings! Do not even think about eating the sweet-potato jerkies from Happy Tail Barkery yourself — these are for your dog!

  • Tesla 3

If you have a good amount of Bitcoins, you can opt for a real Tesla 3 car! One of the Bitcoin security company employees, Mason Borda, has just preordered the amazing electric vehicle with his Bitcoin, and shared his experience on Medium.

  • Subway sandwiches

A Subway café in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has opened its doors to the Bitcoin owners in 2013. It was on the news: you can now buy meatball-marinara sandwiches for a little share of your Bitcoin. Some customers have used that chance to make history.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Good old household chores are easier now with Bitcoin. On you can buy a traditional (or a contemporary robo-) vacuum cleaner, paying with Bitcoin. Perhaps, now your parents can make use of the son’s digital wealth.

  • Bitcoin-ready cab

While riding Uber requires certain preparations and mediums, to pay Bitcoin for its services, there are countries where you can get a Bitcoin-ready taxi and pay directly via Bitcoin. Argentina, Hungary, and even Great Britain are soon to offer such convenient services to all Bitcoin owners.

  • Fake ID

You can order a fake ID card from a few sites that accept Bitcoins for that kind of service. Of what use are those Bitcoins if you are under 18 and cannot buy beer or travel to Las Vegas? Fortunately, you can have a fake ID for Bitcoins, opening all doors for you.

  • A double whopper!

Burger King Restaurant, residing in Netherlands, city of Arnhem, offers more than you can imagine for you Bitcoins. Keeping the prices and rates low, it doubles your profit by giving you an extra whopper, if you pay for one with Bitcoin.

  • Bibs from BitDazzle

Pretty much self-explanatory. There are baby bibs selling at BitDazzle (actually, everything they have at BitDazzle, sells for Bitcoins). Colorful, bright, useful and very affordable — less than 1/100 of your Bitcoin!

  • Precious coins and bars

JM Bullion sells golden, silver and platinum coins and bars for Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency has become a valid payment method not so long ago, and now you can have wonderful Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin, Krugerrands, or other very nice-looking and often pricy coins.

  • Traveling

Many flight booking companies, including CheapAir and Expedia have announced the integration of Bitcoin payments into their payment system. Now you can book a flight and fly away from it all, traveling around the world for less than one Bitcoin!