Consider financial betting strategies (risk management strategies). Before you bet on a sporting event in a bookmaker, you allocate a certain amount from your budget for this purpose. The purpose of the financial strategy is the competent management of these funds.

The main task of money management is to optimize your winnings and minimize the chance of losing all the money.

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Keep in mind that the correct determination of the amount of the bet is no less significant than the choice of a match or any other sporting event.

Strategy “Interest from the Bank”

The “Interest from the Bank” strategy is considered the simplest and most reliable. Sometimes it is compared to a flat betting strategy. The only difference is that the amount of bets is fixed not in dollars, but as a percentage of the game bank.

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You can read more about Sbobet88 bankroll in the article. Recommendations for managing a bankroll (bank) in sports betting.

Example of rates on the strategy Percentage of the Bank

Suppose you set aside 5,000 dollars for sports betting. That is, your game Bank (bankroll) is 5000 dollars. And they decided to bet 5% of the remaining amount each time. Thus, the first bet will be 250 dollars.

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Ideally, of course, bet on one event no more than 7%. However, in practice, this is mainly done by professional players with large funds in circulation.

If you lose, then the next bet will be calculated as follows:

  • (5000-250) * 5% = 237.50
  • If you win, then increase the bid in the same proportion.
  • (5000 + 250) * 5% = 265.50

Example of calculating rates for the strategy percent of the bank

This strategy is also called “Dynamic Bank”, due to the fact that the bet amount changes as a percentage when the game Bank changes.

Percentage can be selected in 3 sizes:

  • up to 1% (winnings will be minimal, but the bank will last longer)
  • from 1 to 5% (optimal)
  • from 5 to 10% (risky, there will be either quick success or a quick loss of the entire bank)
  • The selection of% of the Bank for rates is described in more detail in the article: Fixed rate versus variable rate

You can also play a little with the percentage of bets on different types. For example, put on expresses 3%, but on ordinaries 5%. Thanks to this simple and reliable Percentage of Bank system , you do not run the risk of losing all the money quickly.

D’Alembert strategy

Consider the following financial betting strategy D’alamber. There are similarities with the Martingale system, as the amount of bets is also increasing. But in the d’Alembert system, the increase is not exponentially.