Japan is no stranger to gambling. Anyone who has tried the slot machine in Japan, will be familiar with Pachislos. And if you have been to Las Vegas casinos, you will find quite a lot of similarities in this slot machine. At the first sight, you will take it to be another American-style slot machine. However the machine has a unique difference.

You need to use the tokens instead of currency. And you need some skill to manipulate the machine. For instance, you need to stop the button below the each spinning wheel manually.

Most of these slot machines do not look like gambling devices. They appear to be quite sophisticated with LCD screens which look like video games. You will come across colourful anime-style graphics as well as loud sound effects in addition to imitative American themes such as Harley-Davidson and Rambo.

The good thing about Pachislos is that you can for a cheaper rate than the American slots. In Japan a basic machine will cost you about US$ 250, while it is something around 800 in Las Vegas.tab

Ironically, the gambling is illegal in Japan. That is why you have to play with the tokens instead of currency. The tokens come in the shape of empty plastic boxes. You need to redeem them for cash. You will see many Japanese sitting by the Pachilsos for hours, enjoying the game.

This is why Japan needs to turn to Las Vegas. That will be two-fold. They will be then able to ship their Pachislos to the American states where casino is not illegal, for one. On the other hand, they will be able to gather more players to play the game.

The US has quite a lot of lessons to offer to Japan. For instance, Americans are fonder of collecting than playing. Make a surprise visit to a house of an American casino lover, you will probably set your upon one whole floor allocated to accommodate the collections of devices such as Pachislos. They have their platforms on websites where they share their feelings about the latest machines. You do not have to visit them personally, just go to youtube and see how passionately they talk about the collections of Pachislos machines.

The Japanese have a better deal with selling the Pachislos machines than playing the game. Brian Evens who founded the machine surprised his neighbours at first with a number of UPS and FedEx delivery boxes.

Japan’s Parliament recently passed a bill to legalise casino. And soon it will be legal. But Japan needs the expert, authoritative, knowledge on casino from Las Vegas. They need to apply Vegas-style rules.  Japan now has to bank on Las Vegas especially when it comes to regulation. Las Vegas slots are regulated and audited by independent gaming organizations. Konami Holdings Corp., a company that provides slot machines, will play in instrumental role in Japan’s casino industry, if it becomes legal. Having a proper licence makes things easier, the corporation’s senior executives opine. Japan must make full use of the opportunity born, and go ahead hand in hand with Las Vegas.