So that you do not think that the odds distortion is exclusive to only one house, for this example we will take the 10bet house and also another football game, between Schalke 04 and Borussia Monchengladbach. And our 시티 site bet will be on B Monchengladbach with the following quote:

  • In the Draw Null Bet 10bet market pays us 2.20 odds for Gladbach. Now in Asian handicap 0 the price rises to 2.31.
  • The increase is 0.11 odds and that’s no small feat. Each $ 100 bet returns $ 11 more for those who bet on the handicap, or $ 11 less for those who draw on the bet.
  • This is a basic betting strategy. Whenever you are thinking of betting on the DNB market, keep in mind what you have read to increase the profitability of your bets. 

The Aspect of Analysis

How to make an analysis to bet on football is an article that addresses three fundamental concepts to be analyzed before placing a bet on a particular game. The ideas and words put forward here indicate the path the beginning and intermediate gambler should take to avoid losses, as studies say that just over 90% of gamblers are not profitable in the long run.

Analyzing a game of football or any other sport is the difference between a good gambler and a bad gambler. But even good gamblers lose money, even if they often make a consistent bet .

For the Bookmakers

Bookmakers make predictions every day of which team are the favorite and how much they will win. Their analysis is based on statistics, squad and the time teams live. These will be the three concepts this text will address in order to find the likely winner of the match.

First of all, statistics are the basis for analyzing a bet. The importance of the science that uses probability to explain the frequency of events cannot be underestimated. It is through statistics that you will estimate the outcome prediction when betting.

The first step is to collect relevant data about both teams and make a comparison to know where you are going. There are numerous websites on the internet that provide this type of material. Just search a little to find a lot about it.

Let’s take the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City in April. On the purely statistical website whoscored you see what both have been doing in the championship.


Here, even more important is the number of wins (W). The site shows that both teams played 29 games (P) each and Chelsea got 22 wins, giving 76% of wins in their games. Manchester City with their 17 wins have 59% positive results on their matches. Also important is the number of goals conceded (GA), goals in favor (GF) and the balance (GD), which shows that Chelsea’s were so far better than Man City’s.