The explosion of online betting in the 2000s changed the lives of gamblers. Over the years, technological progress has created a new generation as well as a change in people’s lives. In previous years, people only heard about playing card games or cambodia, listening more and more, going to Macau or Singapore, Malaysia. However, technology times have changed everything.

Online betting is no stranger to betting people like today, more important is choosing the appropriate and reputable bookmakers to invest. The diversity and prestige of the k8 house will not disappoint you, joining the Vietnam market to bring AG class casino has made the name of the K8 house after only 2 years.

Referring to Fb88, we have to mention the AG exclusive casino, where there are more than 100 gambling casinos, we will introduce to you 3 popular and exclusive games only available at AG.

1 / Roulette

Roulette is said to be pure luck game and for those who like to win big as well as see luck. The game originated from France, is one of the games with the highest payout rate at the current casino, the winning ratio is up to 35: 1. The game includes a wheel with red and black numbers. The player will bet on the numbers, the wheel will be turned into the corresponding numbers on the spinning disk, which ball falls into the box, the person who put the right in that box will win.

Online roulette also has such a way to play. Players can choose automatic play, AR experience or live dealer online. Because Roulette is more dependent on luck than skill, this is a great choice for newcomers or seasonal players, find fun challenging luck.

2 / Blackjack

Unlike Roulette, Blackjack is a game too familiar to Vietnamese people like playing blackjack. It is simpler to play directly with the dealer: in any way the player and dealer will calculate the total number of points on the card to close to 21 but must not exceed. This is one of the oldest games and began to appear in the 18th century as recorded under the name Vingt-et-un in France.

Because Blackjack is so familiar to everyone in the world, it is considered one of the first games to be transformed into an online version. With the development of technology as well as improvements of the original version, AG Casino has quickly captured and released the latest version to suit the needs of players.

One of the plus points when playing online is that you can play for free with real money.

In addition, you can receive additional weekly refunds, which is one of the incentives that real-life casinos never give you.

3 / Baccarat

Referring to online gambling, it is impossible not to mention the traditional Baccarat game, Baccarat will be counted on the first 2 cards Banker or Player with the highest score taking the number 9 as the standard, in case both Bankers and Player has a low score, the result will be decided on the third card.

The game was popular in the US and Italy in the 1978s, after many people responded and participated, the game gradually improved and put on online games like Backjack.

  • Conclude

Technology has made it easier for you to access the betting world, there’s no reason not to try one round and try out all online card games to eat real money that casinos offer. Good luck and success!

Source : K8