If you are a big fan of either major sports events or betting opportunities you have probably already heard about the next happening. For all of you who haven’t yet, The Ashes event is about to begin! In less than a week, England and Australia will bring forward their teams who will take on the challenge to defend their country’s honor and either retain or regain the Ashes trophy.

This is in no way a new event, the Ashes has been around for 137 years in which 70 editions have been played. This year, the 71st edition of the match will take place in England. The last edition was won by team Australia, so a home territory game only is extra motivation for the English to regain the Ashes. The Ashes consist of five Test matches in which the teams will test each other’s skills on the cricket field. England, being the host of this edition, prepared five venues across the country where the Tests will take place. The first one will start on the 1st of August, the last Test will commence on the 12th of September. That means a month and a half of gameplay, scorekeeping, evaluating, and betting!

This is the ideal event to place your bets on as cricket is a relatively easy sport to get a grip on. Now, there are many different bookmakers that offer great sportsbooks for you to place your bets. Depending on your location, some bookmakers are not available in your region so that’s a first thing you should check. Different bookmakers offer different sportsbooks and therefore different corresponding odds. If you have figured out which bets you are willing to place, find out which bookmaker will give you the best deal for it.

England seems to be the favorite now, given the fact that the team managed to win the Cricket World Cup only a few weeks ago. However, that doesn’t mean that all online bookmakers will offer the same odds. For this year’s Ashes edition, you can find options to place bets with LeoVegas, Bovada, William Hill, and many more. Do your research and check out the latest Ashes odds to place some well-thought bets.

Get in on this major event now and make sure you will not miss a thing! The start of the Ashes is days away from taking off and we are excited to see what the first Test will bring us. Who are you placing your trust in to take the upper hand in the early stages of this 71st Ashes?