Rummy is one of the most enjoyable card games out there. Since last few years, people are very enthusiastic about playing it online as it is a lot of fun to play with people from all around India. However, if you are new to the game you would like to know how to play rummy card game. There are various tutorials out there to teach you how the game is played but knowing the basic rules will help you get started. There are just a few rules that you need to keep in mind and rest of it, you can play as per the game is meant to be played. Let’s see the basic rules of Indian rummy and how you can use them to play rummy online.

Basics of the Game

In India, rummy is played with two decks of cards which have two jokers. Unlike other card games, rummy includes a joker while playing. Each player playing the game is dealt with 13 cards from which he has to make sets and sequences. The game starts in clockwise direction from the dealer, that is, the player sitting on the left side of the dealer begins the game.  Image result for The Basic Rules to Play Rummy Card Game Online

Role of the Joker

Apart from the actual joker faced cards in the deck, rummy also has another type of joker. From the remaining deck, one card will be selected randomly and it then becomes a joker. All the other cards of the same rank or suite can be identified as the joker throughout that particular game. While making a particular set, a joker can be used in any set without any restrictions or constraints.

Objective of the Game

You will first be given your draw of cards. You will then need to make 3 groups of 3 cards and 1 group of 4 cards on the basis of their number or type of suite. Once all of the cards are arranged in a particular requirement, you can then make a ‘Show’ to claim your win. The game is extremely simple to play and you would just need to know these rules before starting to play.

Draw from the Deck

Each player discards a card after picking one from the deck. If the other person in line is interested in that card, he can pick it up and discard another card from his set of cards. However, if a person is not interested in the card thrown by the previous player, he can draw a card from the closed deck and see if it pairs up with any of the existing groups held by him. If yes, he can include the card or else he can get rid of it by throwing it in the pool so that others can use it. This is all what you need to know about how to play rummy card game.

The Last Words

These are some of the basic rules that will let you know how to play rummy card game and eventually make you better at it. Follow these rules heartedly and play the rummy game online in perfect manner.