Other than poker that is played in casinos or poker live, it can also be played online over the internet. Due to online poker, a huge no of poker players has increased worldwide. According to a report, revenues of online poker grew from 82.7 million to 2.4 billion between 2001 and 2005.

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It is often seen novice players are intimidated by big poker rooms and casinos so playing online will be somewhat less stressful for them. Also as compared to big poker rooms in mortar and brick casinos, online venues make more money as they are dramatically cheaper. For example, adding a table in online poker doesn’t cost. Online poker allows players to play with low bets and also have freeroll tournaments where there are no entry fees.

In the early 1990s, free online poker was played in forms like planet poker, IRC poker among which planet poker was the first online game that offered real money in 1998. The sites for online poker offer various features to attract new players. The most common feature offered by these sites is “satellites” which lets the winner entry to a real poker tournament. Such an incident happened was when Chris Moneymaker won his entry through PokerStars to the “World Series of Poker” held in 2003. He also won that event.

poker live

There are many differences between standard poker live and online poker like players don’t sit across each other making them unable to see each other’s cards, the body language of player to another player is unknown, the rate of play in online poker is fast as compared to standard poker where time is wasted in dealing and shuffling after every hand. Also, the online poker is cheaper as compared to standard poker. Unlike brick and mortar casinos where players have to increase their earnings by increasing limits, in online world player can increase their earnings by increasing tables.

Another type of poker game which is trending online is main poker Qiu Qiu which is an Indonesian game that uses dominoes for playing. The game is also known as domino 99. Like the main poker, Qiu Qiu many poker variant games are going online making it easier to play for novices and saving money. But at the same time, some people love going to a casino, sit in a poker room and play standard poker instead of online poker from home.