All legal online casinos are legally required to include KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures in their operations. What do they mean for players and why are they a must in the online gambling space?


What is the KYC process?


KYC is a process that online operators, as well as thousands of companies in other industries, use to verify the identity and financial information of their customers. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, which translates to Know Your Customer. The main reason for this process is to assess potential risks and prevent illegal and / or underage gambling, bribery and money laundering from being accessed by illegal and / or underage gamblers.


The process provides an additional layer of security for both the operator and the player. While this may mean a bit more work for the casino player and a few extra minutes spent collecting information, the guaranteed peace of mind that we get back is definitely worth it.


All you need to do is look at the Vulkan Vegas casino reviews or evaluation of other reputable operators on the network to understand that this process is not all that time-consuming and tedious. In fact, it’s just a few more clicks from the player and confirmation of basic information that will protect us from potential danger.


How does identity verification work at the casino?


All online casinos licensed by recognized gambling authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Government of Curacao are required to carry out identity and financial checks on their users.


Depending on the operator, these controls may take a slightly different form, however the key aspects remain the same for all casinos. To complete the online casino verification process you will be able to provide:


– ID card / passport / driving license – thanks to one of these documents, the operator will verify your identity and age
– Account or bank statement – verification of the address and source of gambling financing
– Retirement / Shares – This is a rather less common form of control, however you will often need to verify your payment method or provide proof of earnings to show that your funds have been legally generated


It is important that all documents required by the casino are properly scanned so that the information is legible and of good quality. Moreover, no financial statement should be older than 3 months to verify its credibility.


Use and storage of player information


Online casinos must carefully check user documentation to make sure players can legally engage in real money gambling. Such information is stored in their systems, which is a cybersecurity problem for many.


In an age of cybercrime and unstable data protection, there is a concern that third parties may easily gain access to it. However, all licensed casinos are subject to strict data protection rules such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which govern how your data is managed.


No gambling operator may share your personal or financial information outside the company without your consent. Only authorized and trained employees have access to them, so you should not worry about misuse of data. If you suspect that your chosen casino is processing your data incorrectly, you have the right to investigate this and eventually seek further assistance from the online gambling licensing authority.


The legality of online casinos


There are many online gambling operators who follow an unreliable business policy, wanting to cheat players and steal their money. These operators often offer extra out-of-this-world offers – no deposit bonuses up for grabs at every turn, tons of free spins with no wagering requirement … While that sounds great, in reality these things don’t happen as it would mean the casino itself doesn’t. will be able to generate income.


Such casinos will also not ask you for any data verification – this fact alone should give you food for thought and light up a red light in your head! Know that you are not in a safe place and you should give up your stay at this casino right away!