As per Google and Niko Partners data, women constitute around 41% of the gambling population in the US. In Asia, the figure is on the higher side women make up around 40 to 45%, of the total global revenue from gambling women wagers contribute around 48%. Female gamblers are on the rise; numerous researchers are trying to find particular motivation and behavior pattern of women gamblers. Country-based research show motivation for gambling differs across gender and culture. Supplementing dodging reality, French women gamble to taste the challenge for themselves. But there were famous woman gamblers in history.

Alice Ivers Duffield

She was born in Great Britain in 1851 but spent most of her life in the US. She started playing poker after her husband`s death, who was also a famous poker player. When she started as a professional poker player financial condition was stressful. Nevertheless, Alice was a successful player and dealer, which earned her the name Alice Poker.

She was a cowgirl, tough, courageous, always carried a gun not to show but used it several times. Even she shoots a man for disobeying her no work on Sunday rule. She was imprisoned on a murder charge for a short time and acquitted after she pleads she killed the man for self-defence. She quickly returned to business running the gambling pea lots and brothel quarters in South Dakota. Although there is no official record, it is assumed she accumulated $250,000 (around $ 3 million in today value). She died in 1930 consequence of a disastrous surgery. On her character, many Hollywood films have been scripted; one of them is Poker Alice (1987), starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Mayme Stocker

She was born in 1875, the eldest of six children. From an early age, she runs household chores with ease, displaying her inherent managerial skill. As she married a railway employee, they crisscross the country several times. Finally settled in Las Vegas, but she was a woman of exceptional entrepreneurial skill. In 1920 she established Northern Club Casino in Fremont Street, Las Vegas. Soon it became a landmark. She was not a gambler but an entrepreneur; the first woman to hold a gambling license as gambling was legalized in 1931 in Las Vegas. Mayme Stocker will be remembered as a successful casino operator and passed away in 1972.

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