Odds are the most important terminology in the field of online sports betting. It is used to understand the possibility of an underdog and the favorite. If you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge about betting odds, then read the following FAQs. Here, you will get the answer to most of the questions.

Q1. What do you mean by sports betting odds?

Ans. These are the most useful terms that help a punter to determine how likely a sporting event is to happen and place a bet on that outcome. It also helps in identifying the possibility of how much money a bettor will win on a successful bet of a particular outcome.

Q2. How betting odds are represented?

Ans. Indian sports betting odds are represented in multiple ways. There are 3 different odds format – decimal, fractional, and American.

Q3. How to determine and calculate the sports betting odds?

Ans. The odds can be determined easily and quickly from a selected bookmaker. For example, you can find all competitive Betway odds here on its official sports betting site

Q4. How to read sports betting odds?

Ans. As discussed above, odds can be found in 3 different ways which are quite easier to understand. For example, in fractional odds, numerator represents how much profit they will make based on the wagers of the value of the denominator.

Q5. Does odds change from sport to sport?

Ans. The odds value can differ for each bookmaker. Movement in the betting market is based upon the popularity of the sport. Higher the popularity of the sport, higher the favorable odds and better money in the market.

Q6. How does online sports betting odds work?

Ans. These are created by the sports betting sites or bookmakers to give bettors the idea of how the sporting event or game results would likely to be. They show how much profit a punter will make on placing a wager at a certain sportsbook.

Q7. What are the better and worse odds?

Ans. Better odds are the odds through which you can take advantage of any value on offer. Worse odds are those that provide low value on offer. Better odds are gained by comparing odds of a particular match over certain numbers of different bookmakers.

Q8. How to calculate the winning potential?

Ans. By calculating the winning potential, you can better understand the odds. For example, $10 bet on 7/1 odds would provide $80 in return.

Q9. How to make the most out of betting odds?

Ans. To master betting odds and improving the chances to win, you can go for detailed betting research to understand what bets you can place. Determine the good value bets and place wagers most frequently for potential returns.